Hailey Bieber To Finally Respond To Claims That She Stole Justin Bieber From Selena Gomez
Hailey Bieber Will Address Rumours Around Her ‘Stealing’ Justin Bieber From Selena Gomez(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Hailey Bieber will finally talk about Selena Gomez and the claims that she stole Justin Bieber from him. It is no secret that before marrying the supermodel, the pop star was in a relationship with Sel. Known by their ship name, Jelena, the duo was the IT couple of Hollywood and stole all the limelight through their romance.

However, it wasn’t all well and good for them as their relationship was on-again and off-again quite a few times. There were also rumours that Justin cheated on Gomez. Things finally came to an end in 2018, when the Baby singer tied the knot with Hailey.

The reason why fans thought that the model stole Justin Bieber from Selena Gomez was that the two were rumoured to be together at the start of 2018. Now, Hailey Bieber has shared her side of the story about it. Rhode founder is set to appear on the Call Her Daddy podcast, and a teaser of it was released. In it, the host straightforwardly asks Hailey if her romance overlapped that of Jelena.

People were obsessed with [Justin Bieber and Selena Selena Gomez] being together. Were you ever with Justin romantically at the same time as her?” asks Alex Cooper, the host. Hailey Bieber said, “This is so crazy. I’ve literally never talked about this ever. A lot of the hate and perpetuation comes from like, ‘Oh, you stole him.’ It’s about people knowing the truth, because there’s a truth.”

As it is just a snippet, the podcast will reveal the truth behind it. While the model sees this as a way to finally explain her side, fans think that it is a way to damage control the situation, especially because of the upcoming documentary on Selena and her life in fame.

Despite all of this, Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber have been married for four years and are happy together. Meanwhile, Selena Gomez is single and slaying. She has put all her focus on work.

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