Avatar Fame Sam Worthington Shares How Baffled He Was To Hear James Cameron's Idea
Avatar Fame Sam Worthington Recalls His Reaction When He Heard James Cameron’s Pitch: “Had No Idea What This Man Is Talking About…” ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Avatar is a revolutionary cinema on the global platform. When the James Cameron directorial movie was released back in December 2009, people had gone crazy to see a bunch of blue aliens trying to save their absolutely beautiful world. However, did you know that Sam Worthington who got fame after working in the film as the male lead Jake Sully was actually stunned and baffled after hearing James’ pitch?

Well, if you don’t know then you must keep on reading till the end. It became a film of its own and broke every box office record, continuing to be the #1 highest-grossing title worldwide. However, the craze didn’t die down and all of us are waiting for Avatar: The Way Of Water to release this winter.

Avatar gave massive popularity to the stars of the film Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldaña. However, it was a bit of a difficult task for James Cameron as he had to gather the full cast and crew for the film who knew nothing about the blue screen technology. It was quite tough for the director to share his vision and the actors to receive them.

Now, in a media conversation with GamesRadar, Sam Worthington opened up recalling how he was too overwhelmed after listening to James Cameron’s pitch as he had no idea about what they were doing and how would they do. Talking about it, he said, “Well, when I first read it, there are things like floating mountains, there are things like Thanators, there are things when I have no idea what this man’s talking about. And least of all, I had no idea how we’re gonna do this.”

Going further in the conversation, Sam Worthington said, “My biggest memory is when you’re in that Volume was the sense of play. That’s how we did this thing. It was Jim [Cameron] every day saying, ‘Look, I’m gonna build something and create something that will translate to be the floating mountain, and I need you to jump off it. And I’m gonna have guys coming at you, attacking you, and they’re gonna symbolize, later on, Viperwolves.’ And you just dove in.”

The director James Cameron took a long 13 year gap to come up with Avatar 2 as he wanted the technology to improve so that he can create a more believable water world for his audience. For the unversed, Kate Winslet will also be reuniting with James in next Avatar projects after Titanic.

Well, now we cannot wait to witness Avatar’s water world. What about you?

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