Angelina Jolie Was To Be Play A Supervillain In Spider-Man 4? Here’s Which OG Character She Was Approached For In The Now-Cancelled Tobey Maguire Sequel
Angelina Jolie Was To Be A Part Of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4 Starring Tobey Maguire? Guess Whether It Was A Superhero Or Supervillain ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia ; A Still From Spider-Man 2 )

Spider-Man is a well-known comic and film franchise across the globe. (Almost) everybody knows the spidermen – Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland along with their respective love interest Kirsten Dunst, Emma Stone, and Zendaya. But did you know, Angelina Jolie too could have been a part of a Spider-Man film directed by Sam Raimi with Tobey in the lead?

Well, in a recent report, it has been revealed that Jolie was approached to play a pivotal part in a once-proposed but then canceled Spider-Man 4 film starring Maguire in the lead. The makers planned to introduce the actress to the superhero world decades before she essayed Thena in MCU’s Eternals. Read on to know more about her role.

As per a recent report by The Direct, the publication noted that they received early access to Sean O’Connell’s new Spider-Man-centric book – With Great Power. In it, O’Connell uncovered some fascinating new information regarding what the fourth Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie – the one starring Tobey Maguire, could have looked like. As per the report, the film was to see Vulture as the big bad guy and Angelina Jolie in a pivotal role too.

As per the report, Vulture aka Adrian Toomes’ death in the fourth Tobey Maguire standalone superhero film wouldn’t have ended the movie. The report claims the Spider-Man 4 filmmakers were planning for Toomes’ daughter to take over his mantle, becoming the fearsome Vultress—an original character who isn’t in the comics. For the same, the studio had Angelina Jolie in mind. In the book, Sean revealed her name was “attached to this pivotal role for a short amount of time” during Spider-Man 4’s development.

Talking about Jolie’s character in the now-canceled Spider-Man 4 film, the diva’s character reportedly wouldn’t have just been putting on a supervillain suit. The book revealed that in a proposed B-plot for the Tobey Maguire starrer, she would have also been “an accomplished executive representing a venture capital firm that was trying to buy the Daily Bugle.”

Would you have liked to see Angelina Jolie as a supervillain in Tobey Maguire-led Spider-Man 4? Let us know in the comments. PS: If that happened we may have not seen her as Thena in the MCU.

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