Brad Pitt Is Losing Friends In Hollywood Due Angelina Jolie’s Bruised Pictures?
Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Ended Their Marriage In 2016 After A Massive Fight(Pic Credit: Instagram, Wikipedia)

The drama around Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s separation refuses to tone down. The couple who first sparked separation news in 2016 has been at loggerheads ever since and there have been several allegations and accusations made against each other. The most spoken about of course is their infamous private jet fight where Pitt was drunk as claimed by Jolie and was even abusing their son Maddox. The latest revealed details by the FBI have shocked everyone and cost Brad his friends.

For the unversed, Angelina and Brad who were in a happy marriage suddenly announced their separation, and that too for an unimaginable reason. It was a marriage-ending fight they had on a flight in 2016 and the case was up for investigation. Over years people have been contemplating whose side to be on.

But most recently, the pictures that Angelina Jolie submitted to the FBI were made public. The pictures have her bruised. Now, this has certainly taken a toll on Brad Pitt’s social life and his friends who were with him have now started keeping distance. Read on to know everything you should about this surprising update of the day.

As per The News, the pictures from the FBI investigation of Angelina Jolie are disturbing. They have contusions and marks which seem to be a result of some intense argument. The common perception of the majority had become that this feud on the flight in 2016 was started by Jolie. But people are reconsidering their stand now.

As per an insider, people are looking at the Bullet Train star now and thinking whether is us the bad guy or not. An insider revealed, “A lot of people are looking at Brad now and wondering if he’s not the bad guy in all this after all.”

Meanwhile, the two keep alleging things about each other. Angelina Jolie recently sold her shares of Chateau Miraval Winery without informing Brad Pitt and the Once Upon In Hollywood star called it her move to hurt him.

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