Alison Brie On Directing An Episode In Docu-Series On Marvel Legacy
Alison Brie Opens Up On Directing An Episode In Docu-Series On Marvel legacy With A Lil Help From Gillian Jacobs (Photo Credit – Getty Images)

Actress Alison Brie says watching the work of Gillian Jacobs, her co-star in the comedy series Community, helped her a lot while foraying into the documentary space.


The actress says she is always open to the idea of working with any of her co-stars from the series, and this is what had her excited for Marvel’s 616. Brie and Jacobs directed an episode each of the anthology docu-series.


“It actually was just totally independent and no connection really,” Alison Brie said while discussing getting associated with the project together.

“Gillian has been doing some work in this space. This is my first foray into the documentary space, but I just directed an episode of Season 3 of ‘Glow’. I got a text from them asking if I did theatre in high school. To which I responded, ‘Have you met me?’ and so that pretty much got the ball rolling in terms of what my episode’s about,” Alison Brie added.

The actress continued: “And then I found out on that call that Gillian Jacobs had already directed an episode. And I was lucky enough to get to watch her episode. I got to watch a couple of them as I was preparing to direct mine. Even though you know in a way it was just helpful to watch hers. And I also watched Paula Scher’s episode. And they were so different.”

“Everybody’s episode is specific to them and their subject matter. It’s always fun to see my ‘Community’ family in any type of way. I was really inspired by watching Gillian’s episode. I thought it was so beautiful. Uh, so that gave me confidence going into mine,” Alison Brie added.

The documentary series explores Marvel’s legacy of characters, creators and storytelling to reflect the world outside your window. Each episode in the anthology series cover topics including Marvel’s artistes, the trailblazing women of Marvel Comics, and explores the history of the “forgotten” characters of Marvel. It is available on Disney+ Hotstar Premium.

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