Adam Sandler Confesses Being Terrified While Shooting For Punch-Drunk Love Because...
Adam Sandler Was Terrified While Shooting Punch-Drunk Love & The Reason Is Amusing! (Photo Credit – Adam Sandler/Facebook)

Adam Sandler is known for his powerful acting and amazing comic timing. The actor has been a part of many comedy movies like The Week Of, That’s My Boy, Grown Ups, The Do-Over and more. Today we are going to tell you something about the actor that may surprise you. He was initially terrified he’d ruin Punch-Drunk Love. Don’t believe us? Read the article to know more.

Punch-Drunk Love was released in 2002 as a follow-up to acclaimed filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson’s multi-Oscar nominated Magnolia.

When the movie was released, Paul Thomas Anderson was one of the biggest film directors of Hollywood. Along with his contemporaries Quentin Tarantino and Spike Jonze, Anderson’s films were becoming bolder and more sophisticated. This is the reason when Punch-Drunk Love got released, the audience wasn’t sure about what to expect.

And speaking about Adam Sandler, he was particularly known for working on SNL and some other comedy films that became his signature style for a period. Audience had never seen him playing anything close to Barry Egan, his character in Punch Drunk Love. In short, the pairing of Adam Sandler and Paul Thomas Anderson was quite unique in itself.

In a recent conversation on the SmartLess podcast, Adam Sandler said, “Paul was very nice, and he says, ‘Hey, I loved Billy Madison.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, thanks,’ but I didn’t know who he was. But then, honest to God, it was like 11 in the morning and I had nothing to do, and Magnolia just came out, and I said, ‘I think this is that kid’s movie. I’m going to go see that.’

Sandler added, “It was sold out, and I was in the front row, and I was looking up at it, and I was fucking terrified, and I was going, ‘Oh this guy is fucking better than me. I don’t want to be in this. I’m going to ruin his movie! Holy shit!’”

But no one can deny that even after being terrified, Adam Sandler did an amazing job. What do you think? Tell us via your comments and stay tuned to Koimoi for more updates.

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