Coronavirus pandemic has for sure made us all smell the tea and be precautious. While the pandemic has quarantined us all, and many of us have taken refuge in films and web shows, how about watching some that are based on pandemics and epidemics? Our purpose is not to scare you but these might give you a perspective or might help you decode the pattern of the outbreak. You never know. Below are 5 films and series based on various epidemics and pandemics that you must watch while you are dealing with one.

5 movies on epidemics, that now seem relatable after COVID19
5 Movies On Epidemics, That Now Seem Relatable After COVID- 19


Starting with a series that is most recent and highly impactful. HBO’s mini-series Chernobyl created a loud buzz with its release. Based on the most controversial nuclear plant blast in Chernobyl, the series talks about the aftermath. The tension between the political officials and scientists, the suffering of the people who came in contact with the radiation and how a whole town was left barren because an incident changed the landscape. Chernobyl starring Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgard, is one of the best and intimidating accounts of a real-life incident.


Watch this one at your own risk. The most relevant and relatable of all, Contagion resembles the time we are in right now with coronavirus pandemic outbreak. It talks about a virus being initiated in China and then spread across. The film will make you skeptical in no time and you will be left scared to even touch your face with your naked hands. Again, if you are already paranoid with the real situation of COVID-19, this is not your cup of tea for sure.

The Walking Dead

A show that has an honest and dedicated fanbase. The Walking Dead is a show about a zombie outbreak with a survivor in the center of it all. The show is not just about surviving against the zombies it gets more real when survivors are pitched against the survivors and what matters is staying alive. Watch this to see how fantasy and emotion marinated with dystopia go hand in hand.

93 Days

Another one on a real-life epidemic. 93 Days is about Ebola, which was spread in many parts of the world a few years ago. The film tells the original story of the doctors who worked on controlling the epidemic when it started spreading in Nigeria. The film majorly focuses on Nigeria’s fight with the disease and this one is on the lighter side in this list.


A 1995 film, Outbreak talks about an Ebola-like virus and its spreading. The film begins with an infected monkey being left lose which spreads the disease. It is about greed, a desperation to preserve the fake pride and not accepting the loss. Outbreak is the perfect popcorn drama that gives entertainment and chills together in one platter.

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