5 Highest Grossing Pixar Movies As Inside Out 2 Surpasses Prequel's $859M Global Haul
5 Highest-Grossing Pixar Movies Of All Time. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Pixar Animation Studios, which started in 1979 as part of LucasFilm before standing on its own under Steve Jobs and Apple, has delivered stellar hits since 1995’s Toy Story. However, with the Inside Out franchise, the studio hit gold, with both movies becoming instant box office successes.

On June 27, 2024, Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out 2 bagged $863.1M worldwide, surpassing the original film’s $859M global lifetime. The sequel to 2015’s Inside Out reached the milestone just over two weeks after release and is expected to cross the $1 Billion mark by the end of the week.

The movie is still a few hundred million short of overtaking the highest-grossing Pixar film. According to Box Office Pro, Inside Out 2 will potentially earn $1.7 billion at the end of its theatrical run, which will topple the highest-grossing Pixar movie from its spot. It should be noted that despite the Prequel’s impressive $859M global gross, it failed to snag a spot in the top five list. Let’s take a look at five of the highest-grossing Pixar movies of all time.

5. Finding Nemo – 2003 – ($940 Million)


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The heartwarming film, which follows clownfish Marlin’s journey to track down his son, Nemo, was a blockbuster hit, birthing theme park rides and a sequel. The Pixar film was the first to win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature and grossed $380 million at the Domestic box office. The film raked in an additional $559M at the International box office.

4. Finding Dory – 2016- ($1.02 Billion)

The sequel to the smash hit Finding Nemo explored the origins of blue tang fish, Dory first introduced in the Prequel. Dory, plagued by flashbacks of the past, embarks on a journey to track down her parents alongside Marlin and Nemo.

The blockbuster hit earned $486 million at the domestic box office and $538 Million overseas, contributing to a gigantic $1.02 billion worldwide.

3. Toy Story 3 – 2010 – (1.06 Billion)

The long-awaited sequel Toy Story 3 doubled its predecessor’s $511 Million box office earnings, raking in 1.06 billion worldwide. The animated film explores Woody and the gang’s adventurers’ quest to return home after they are mistakenly donated to a daycare before Andy leaves for college. It earned $415 million at the domestic box office and $653 Million Overseas.

2. Toy Story 4 – 2020- ($1.07 Billion)


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Before Inside Out 2 swooped in for a kill, Toy Story 4 reigned supreme as Pixar’s highest-grossing film of all time. The recent film in the Iconic Toy Story franchise outperformed all its predecessors, raking in $1.07 billion worldwide.

1. Inside Out 2


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While Riley and all her emotional friends are still a few hundred million short of beating Toy Story 4, the film is expected to overtake the 1995 franchise in the coming weeks.

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