The One With All The Thanksgiving – Enjoy The Day With The FRIENDS
FRIENDS Celebrated Thanksgiving Every Season & Here’s A Rewind At How They Celebrated It(Pic credit – Stills from the show )

Sitcoms that last more than 1 season should have a Thanksgiving celebration are we are thankful that FRIENDS had 10! In every season of the much-loved sitcom, the friends – Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), Monica Geller (Courtney Cox), Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow), Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc), Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry), and Ross Geller (David Schwimmer), have a blast on the festival.

While it is made very clear that Chandler doesn’t like the day owing to his parents announcing their separation it, we know the group’s mother hen loves cooking everyone’s favourite. With the way the show treated this day, fans of the show believe the term ‘Friendsgiving’ gained popularity because of them.



With Thanksgiving just two days away, we take a look at the 10 times the gang of six celebrated it. In each of these episodes, the friends treated to loads of drama that made us catch our sides laughing.

Season 1, Episode 9 – “The One Where Underdog Got Away”

The first time all sex friends were together to celebrate Thanksgiving, none of them wanted to do it. In fact, it was just a backup option as they weren’t able to celebrate it with their families. Rachel, who was recently cut off from the family, couldn’t afford a plane ticket home, Joey’s family was afraid of getting VD (a sexually transmitted disease) after seeing him on a poster for a health clinic advertising it, Chandler hates the day and Monica and Ross’s parents are on vacation. Ultimately, the first Thanksgiving in FRIENDS is ruined, making it hilarious.

Season 2, Episode 8 – “The One With the List”

This episode of FRIENDS isn’t that high on Thanksgiving as the festival get a couple of mentions only. It mainly focused on Ross having a difficulty choosing who to be with – Rachel or Julie – and ends up making a pros and cons list which only leads to more confusion and drama when Rach finds it.

Season 3, Episode 9 – “The One With the Football”

Those who have watched FRIENDS (we don’t think there are any who haven’t) will know that Monica is damn competitive – especially when it comes to sports (tennis, table tennis, football and cards). So it wasn’t surprising when she wouldn’t let Ross win the football they played on Thanksgiving for the ‘Geller Cup’ they have been fighting over since kids. While the football game is fun, the boys attempting to flirts with a hottie will also make you laugh.

Season 4, Episode 8 – “The One With Chandler in a Box”

In this season of FRIENDS, the gang of six didn’t celebrate the day as much because of the other drama going on at the same time. Monica hurts her eye and has to visit the ophthalmologist. The OCD friend lands up going to ex-boyfriend Richard’s son – who she ultimately invited to thanksgiving dinner. The other thing in this episode that will make you laugh is Chandler having to spend dinner locked in a box after kissing Joel’s girlfriend.

Season 5, Episode 8 – “The One With All the Thanksgivings”

In this Thanksgiving episode of FRIENDS, we see Ross, Rachel, Monica and Chandler celebrating the day when the boys were still in college. The throwback celebrations will surely make you laugh seeing a faaaat (that’s how fat she was) Monica trying to seduce Chandler and then later cuts off his toe – by mistake. The episode ends with Monica putting a raw turkey on her head in an attempt to cheer Chandler for years back. The very end of this episode shouldn’t be missed (watch it and you will know why.)

Season 6, Episode 9 – “The One Where Ross Got High”

What started with Monica trying to break the news to her parents that she is living with Chandler now, turned into a riot of laughter when the Geller siblings started revealing each other’s secrets. Another memorable incident in this FRIENDS episode is Rachel’s attempt at making the dessert – a trifle with beef.

Season 7, Episode 8 – “The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs”

During this season, Phoebe moved in with Monica and Chandler after her apartment caught fire. During her stay there, she brought into her room a dog which turned into a riot of laughter when the joke-maker of the group found out, and he revealed that he doesn’t like the animal – at all.

Season 8, Episode 9 – “The One With the Rumor”

This one made us laugh, and we got to see Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt making a special appearance too. In this Thanksgiving episode of FRIENDS, Monica invited her old friend Will Colbert (Pitt) only for it to take a hilarious turn when it’s revealed that Rachel tormented him in school. The episode also introduced us to the ‘I Hate Rachel’ club co-founded by Ross and Will. Also, with it being a day for loads of food, we see Joey trying to finish an entire gigantic turkey made by Monica all alone.

Season 9, Episode 8 – “The One With Rachel’s Other Sister”

In this episode of FRIENDS, while watching a Thanksgiving parade on TV, Joey realises that he was to be a part of it along with the crew of his hit show. Another interesting thing that happened during the episode is Rachel’s hostile little sister Amy (Christina Applegate) making an appearance and getting on everyone’s nerves.

Season 10, Episode 8 – “The One With the Late Thanksgiving”

The last Thanksgiving celebration of the series was fun. For this dinner, Phoebe, Rachel, Ross, and Joey all come an hour late to the Geller-Bing residence. Monica and Chandler refuse to let the four in, and we see them peeking their head through the door in hope for some food. Monica decides she’s not that upset at them after she receives terrific news over the phone.

Which is your favourite Thanksgiving episode from FRIENDS? Let us know in the comments below.

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