Check Out These 7 Times Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green Made Us Laugh Our *ss Out In FRIENDS
FRIENDS: Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green Has A Funny Bone Not Many Of Us Have Seen(Pic Credit: Youtube)

When we talk about FRIENDS, who, according to you, is a funny character? Well, for me, they all have their shining moments. Today, we will talk about the many times Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green made us laugh like crazy.


From her interaction with the other five prominent cast members – Monica Geller (Courteney Cox), Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry), Pheobe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow), Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) and Ross Geller (David Schwimmer), to her impressing dates and more – she has got us chuckling quite a few times.

So today, scroll down and have a look at our pick of the 7 best.

When She Leaves Ross A Drunken Message

Moving on isn’t always easy, and who to tell us that better than Rachel and Ross. In the bid to find some closure for her feelings for Ross, we see Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green call Ross and leave him a rather embarrassing message while under the influence of several glasses of wine.


While she was looking for closure, we were all holding our sides with laughter as Ross checks his voice message while at her place, and she’s still in a hangover state. The way she jumps on him to snatch the phone would give Marcel – Ross’ monkey – strong competition.

When She Dressed As A Cheerleader

Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green was a cheerleader in college, and she felt back to being one as she tried impressing Joshua. While he visited the friends at Monica’s apartment, we saw Rach put on her old cheerleading uniform and give us a hard time going ROFL.

From doing cheers to cartwheels, crashes, and a lot more, Ms Green tried it all to woo Joshua. Her antics were jaw-droppingly awkward but hilarious at the same time.

When She Wore A Wedding Dress & Said “I Dooooooo”

With Ross’ second wedding just around the corner, we saw all the leading ladies – Courteney Cox’s Monica Geller, Lisa Kudrow’s Phoebe Buffay and Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green – have some wedding fever. The trio is all seen chilling in Monica’s apartment while dressing in some bridal gowns. Racheal is depressed as 1) Ross is walking down the aisle again and 2) in her current sate Joshua is in no mood to settle down.

Unfortunately for her, she opens the door dressed as a bride while saying, “I dooooooo!” On opening it, she sees Joshua – a guy who is scared to commit run like his tail is on fire. While she wasn’t happy with how things panned out – we had a hearty laugh watching this episode of FRIENDS.

When She Brought Home A Cat

We all love pets, and several of the friends’ characters had at least one while growing up. After moving in with Monica, Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green decides to pick up a hairless “purebred, show-quality Sphinx cat” just like the one her grandmother had.

From the first look at the feline, Joey and Ross try to figure out what it is while the former is adamant that it isn’t a cat. When she drops the bomb of spending $1000 for it, it leaves her friends shocked and us in splits. After being the recipient of several scratches, she declares the cat as a mean one, aka nothing like the kitty her granny had.

When She Became A Bridesmaid With A Pink Pepto Bismal Little Bo-Peep

Do you have the guts to go to your ex-fiancé’s – who you left at the alter – wedding? Let’s up it – will you ever go to your said ex’s wedding as a bridesmaid? No? Well, Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green said yes as if it was her ex-best friend’s wedding too. While she was being stared at for running out of her own wedding, we had a laughter riot.

From her being forced to wear one of the pinkest, puffiest and ugliest Pepto Bismal Little Bo-Peep bridesmaids dress ever to accidentally walking down the aisle with the hideous dress tucked into her exposed underwear, this FRIENDS episode has tears coming out of our eyes. and you have one of Rachel Green’s most-cringe worthy and funniest moments ever.

When She Dressed As Princess Leia In The Gold Bikini

Another instance where we were left in splits because of her attire is without a doubt the time Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green dressed up as Princess Leia. When all the friends get to know that Ross fantasized about Princess Leia in the gold bikini (Star Wars scene), Rachel, indulging in it. She dresses up in the iconic outfit complete with the iconic hairstyle – giant hair buns. She makes a dramatic entrance while crooning the music.

Alas, it all falls flat, thanks to Chandler advising Ross to image his mom as the much-loved character.

When She Made The Thanksgiving Dessert

Last but not least, the time Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green showed off her cooking skills. We all know Green was a spoilt brat who may have not even boiled water while at her father’s house. But for Thanksgiving, she decides to treat her friends and the Geller parents to a tradition dessert – the trifle. But as – who so ever- may have it, the pages of her recipe book get stuck together, and she made a masterpiece – half of a trifle and half of a Shepard’s Pie.

Would you have been able to eat it? You bet I wouldn’t. But her friends were true and tried their best to digest it – as much as they could. It only after it is all over that she realizes the hilarious mistake she made and says, “I wasn’t supposed to put meat in the trifle!”

Some other funny moments we love of Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green include the one where she and Chandler fight over cheesecake, vanilla kiss, and singing Baby Got Back to put Emma to sleep. Which are your favourite moments of this character from FRIENDS? Let us know in the comments.

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