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BlushBee Beauty Review: An Organic Makeup Brand That Deserves Your Attention! ( Photo Credit – blushbee beauty)

With the continuous change in social media trends, it’s difficult to keep up with everything and every tiny detail about the existing brands in the market. It has in fact become chaotic and we often miss out on the skincare and makeup brands that deserve our attention and love. Amid the same, I’ve got my hands on an organic, vegan and cruelty makeup brand who has my heart and for real. It’s none other than BlushBee Beauty and here’s my review on the same.

I’m an avid social media scroller (that’s a self-given title) who discovers new skincare and makeup brands every day. A few of them leave me surprised with their ingredients list and public reviews and some of them, not really. BBB was one such brand that stuck with me because of its clean ingredients and formulation.



Here are all the products that I tried from BlushBee Beauty and my review on the same:

Lip Nourishing Liquid Lipstick –

The Blush BeeBeauty liquid lipstick comes in five different shades that suit almost all skin tones. It is 100% matte and glides like butter on the lips leaving them soft and not chapped and dry. In fact, it stays for longer hours and I had to literally remove it after wearing it for eight hours on the lips with a makeup remover. The product is priced at Rs 815 and is currently available at Rs 575 under sale.

Natural Glow Blush –

I’m personally a sucker for blushes. You give a good blush and I’m sold. I tried the colour ‘Sextans’ from BlushBee Beauty and it’s a beautiful pink cum nude shade which will give a natural sun-kissed look when applied nicely on the face. The product is worth Rs 845 but currently on an offer at Rs 590 which if you would ask me is a steal deal.

Organic Eyeshadow Palette –

I’m someone who doesn’t really like experimenting with my usual makeup routine. But when I saw BBB’s eyeshadow palette, I knew I wanted to try their ‘Party Hue’ one and thank god, I decided to go with the pink, blue and nude hues in it. This blends so easily on the eyes and even an amateur like me can slay it like a pro and looks very RICH on the eyes.

There are two sets in this palette i.e Party Hues and Gala Ombre which are originally priced at Rs 2400 but are currently available at a steal deal worth Rs 1650.

BlushBee 12 Free Vegan Nail Polish –

I love nail colours. I got ‘Luga’ from their wide range of colours and totally loved it. It’s just so easy to apply and dries out quickly before you end up ruining it on your own, hehe. I applied two coats of it as I like going EXTRA with my nail paint but if you want something simple and chic, a single coat would be enough for you to nail the look. It is priced at Rs 225 but is currently under offer and is available at Rs 160.

BlushBee Organic Micellar Water –

Last in my list is BlushBee Beauty’s micellar water which has left me stunned with the results. It comes with a peculiar smell and you might not like it but it works wonders on the skin and removes every last bit of your makeup and sunscreen. The main ingredient in this formulation is aloe vera and also comes with natural oils but what I loved the most was it will not leave your skin irritated like the other makeup brands existing in the market.

It is priced at Rs 475 and is currently available at Rs 285. So why wait? Go order yours right now.

Here was my honest review on BlushBee Beauty and for more skincare and makeup review, stick to Koimoi.

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