After Uproar, Bhagavat Gita Reference To Go From Oppenheimer?
After Uproar, Bhagavat Gita Reference To Go From Oppenheimer? ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

While Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer is the new box office darling all across the world and in India as well, one of its lovemaking sequences featuring the film’s leading man Cillian Murphy and Florence Pugh has triggered off a national uproar.

The sequence in question shows Murphy reciting the Bhagavat Gita while making love to Pugh.

When the sequence came to light before Oppenheimer’s release, it was presumed that the eyebrow-raising moment would be snipped off without a thought. But the CBFC chose to be liberal this once.

With damaging consequences. A section of the more vigilant audience in India is up in arms against what they see as a sacrilege. Uday Mahurkar, information officer with the government of India, and founder of the ‘Save Culture Save India Foundation’, issued a statement saying, “The Foundation urges, on behalf of the public of this nation and timeless tradition of lives being transformed by revered Geeta, the I & B Ministry to do all that is needed to uphold dignity of the revered holy book of the Hindus, punish those involved and setting processes in place that such things do not happen in future.”

Sources confirm that the Central Board Of Film Certification is “seriously considering” a second opinion on the controversial scene and is likely to ask for its removal across India.

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