Vikram Vedha Duo Pushkar & Gayathri On Comparisons
Pushkar & Gayathri Have Directed Both The Tamil & The Hindi Versions ( Photo Credit – Facebook ; Vikram Vedha Poster )

Nothing can be compared to the buzz around Vikram Vedha Adaptation that is about to bring Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan together on the big screen. The movie has been making noise for various reasons good and bad throughout the past couple of months. The first looks that came out have only increased our intrigue and we now look forward to more promotional content. Creators Pushkar and Gayathri have been in awe of their leading actors and that is also the cherry on the cake. But are they ready for comparisons?

Well, if you don’t get it. The Hindi Vikram Vedha is the remake of the Tamil film by the same name that starred the prolific Vijay Sethupathi and the amazing R. Madhavan. The movie was acclaimed by the masses and critics unanimously and soon attained must-watch status down south.



Now when director duo Pushkar and Gayatri joined Koimoi for an exclusive chat to celebrate their OTT debut Suzhal: The Vortex’s success they also spoke about Vikram Vedha Hindi adaptation and the comparisons between Vijay Sethupathi – R. Madhavan and Hrithik Roshan – Saif Ali Khan.

In the exclusive chat, when we asked Pushkar & Gayathri about Vikram Vedha and what changes in the Hindi adaptation, the former said, “We can’t talk too much about it but let me just say this that we still have the same story but it is rooted completely differently. And for us that is a very important thing. Where are we setting the story determines a lot of things about how the story unfolds that is one. And the other is we come from a school which strongly believes that the written word is 50 percent of it and what the actor brings to it is the other 50 percent. So we work a lot with performers, Hrithik (Roshan) and Saif (Ali Khan) are just brilliant actors, so what they can do with the written word is amazing. So in that way it is a brand new film for us and through the whole process we have kept feeling that.”

Later we asked them if they are aware of and prepared for the comparisons that are about to happen between the leading pairs of both the versions. Namely Vijay Sethupathi – R. Madhavan and Hrithik Roshan – Saif Ali Khan. Gayathri said, “I mean we cannot stop these comparisons right?.” Pushkar added,“ there’s no way you can be prepared for this. I am sure everybody will have an opinion and everybody’s opinion is equal and valid. I mean we will just have to face the onslaught at that point of time.”

Vikram Vedha releases on the big screens on September 30, 2022.

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