Manish Yadav Talks About His Journey As Marketing Consultant & Celebrity Manager
Manish Yadav Gets Candid About His Journey As A Marketing Consultant & Celebrity Manager

An Entrepreneur doesn’t mean one who has an assortment of business ideas, or the person who deals with the whole business exclusively. All things being equal, Entrepreneurship is about dealing with numerous roles handily. To be exact, he/she can face challenges and can work as a team with others. Imparting creativity and vision to his group and encouraging his companions to perform, Manish Yadav has arisen as one of the exceptionally revered digital Entrepreneurs in the business world.


Manish Yadav is an expert in multiple fields, from Facebook to Google ads he has mastered many social marketing platforms. He is also the founder of a leading and one of the most successful Digital Marketing companies known as the “DigiX Solution Media Pvt Ltd”. He along with his Digital marketing company manages a lot of Bollywood Celebrities, Entertainers, Influencers, and some Indian Musicians. Manish Yadav built this company with his extraordinary skills and years of experience as he embarked on his career at a very young age.


In 2019-2020 we all have faced a different world. The ways of doing things have changed now. As technology overtook our lives, we have gradually begun becoming irritated. People want everything to be really quick and proficient. They depend more on information gathered socially than individuals. In this way, it was significant for organizations to do the right shift to flourish in the always-evolving environment. Digital Marketing became a need of the hour, and brands and businesses are very much aware of this reality. Nonetheless, Digital Marketing is an ability that requires devotion and time to master.

Yet, numerous influencers and brands don’t have the honour of having both of the two elements, in this way, the necessity for Digital Marketing Consultant and Company arise. And this came as an opportunity for Manish Yadav, He solely with his company named “DigiX Solution Media” managed more than 100s of influencers, brands, and startups during this period and is still working with them as their Digital Marketing consultant while his company provides them excellent digital marketing services.

Apart from being a founder and Digital Marketing consultant, Manish also had interests in the stock market, trading, and cryptocurrencies. A Lot of people invest in crypto and earn a nice amount of profit per day but it can be the opposite if you start investing without any observation and knowledge. Manish has as always been keen to understand the market and different terms of trading during this lockdown period he took it as a challenge and started to observe and learn trading in his free time and by his quick learning and observing mind he mastered it in quite a few time and became a crypto trader too. This worked as an additional skill for him by which he is easily earning a great profit on his investments.

Manish Yadav always kept working hard on self-improvement, developing new skills has become a kind of hobby for him now. Even after achieving a great milestone in the Digital Marketing Industry, Manish never skips any chance to learn anything new. His advice, his skills always benefited others. A lot of youngsters follow him just because of his vision and the knowledge he provides among the young generation and that’s why he has been known as the inspiration for the young generation. To connect with Manish Yadav, follow him on Instagram; @imanishydv

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