An Old North Korean Report Claims BTS, BLACKPINK & More K-Pop Idols Are Treated Like Slaves By Their Management Companies!
An Old North Korean Report Claims BTS, BLACKPINK, & More K-Pop Idols Are Treated Like Slaves By Their Management Companies! ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

BTS and BLACKPINK are the most popular South Korean bands, and their popularity has spread worldwide. Recently, an old report from a North Korean media outlet has taken the internet by storm, claiming that South Korean idols have it harsh. It also implied that some significant Korean entertainment companies, including SM Entertainment, impose inhumane conditions on the idols.

The idols have to follow specific rules while fastened in a contract, but are they as harsh as these old reports claim them to be? These two bands have gained massive popularity over the past few years. However, there are other bands as well, for example, NCT, MONSTA X, Seventeen, Exo, and more, who are gaining rapid recognition among music lovers. Keep scrolling for more.

As per Koreaboo, the original report was published in 2021 by Arirang Meari, and it resurfaced after a post on an online forum called TheQoo, which reportedly gained 35,000 views. The original report claimed that the idols were discovered young, between elementary and middle school. The organizations then give them rigorous training, which is kind of like slavery, further claimed the old report.

The idols only receive 2-3 hours of sleep, and the entertainment companies seize a consequential amount of their earnings under the ruse of training expenses. The report stated, “Not only South Korean media but also Western media have reported that South Korea’s young singers are tied to unbelievably unfair contracts from a young age, spending their lives confined to training camp.”

It also added, “They are criticized for being treated like slaves, with their bodies, minds, and souls taken away by the vicious and corrupt presidents of these major entertainment corporations.”

The report further claimed, “Many teenage singers, including BTS and BLACKPINK, are being trained to become pop singers at a young age from elementary and middle school by signing exclusive contracts with SM Entertainment and other big corporates.”

Meanwhile, it has started an online war on social media platform X, and the fans are outraged about these claims.

A fan stated, “Who would care about N Korea’s claim, I wonder.”

Another explained, “They just told the truth. K-pop idols until they make their debut, and later, some of them live as prisoners of the company monitor everything. I don’t know what the problem is that they said things as they are and these things are well known to everyone.”

A user quipped, “North Korea talks about repression.”

Another defending the old report added, “In some point they are right. The Netizens that are against V’s personal relationship is a form of SLAVERY. Netizens and Businesses disallowing the idols to date openly are limiting their FREEDOM.”

“So BTS and Blackpink have a nation-level hater,” shared another.


Meanwhile, clarifying Arirang Meari’s report, a North Korean report, NK Economy said, “It is part of a broader narrative that aims to challenge the growing popularity and global influence of South Korean pop culture.”

Whether an old or new report, the BLINKs and the ARMY will keep showering love on their favorite band, BLACKPINK, and BTS.

For more updates on them, stay tuned to Koimoi!

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