Most Compatible Zodiac Signs With Brad Pitt: Jennifer Aniston Makes It To The List But Angelina Jolie Doesn't!
Most Compatible Zodiac Signs With Brad Pitt: Jennifer Aniston Makes It To The List But Angelina Jolie Doesn’t! (Photo Credit –wikimedia/Still From Testimony )

Born on December 18th, 1963, Brad Pitt is a Sagittarius. Sagittarius is an adventurous, fun-loving sign who values philosophy, religion, and life’s deeper meanings. They desire to experience life and travel in order to discover the truth about existence. Sagittarius is a curious sign that prefers to learn from their own experiences rather than depending on the views of others. So they want to meet new people, share their experiences, and do new things.

Beside a controversial love life, Brad Pitt is well known for sweeping you off the floor. We asked renowned celebrity astrologer Pandit Jagannath Guruji which all zodiac signs would be compatible with the Hollywood hunk and here are 5 signs that are the most compatible with Brad Pitt.


Aries with Brad Pitt


Aries and Brad Pitt a Sagittarius, are free love birds. They as personalities bond quickly because of their high mutual natural receptivity. The two zodiac signs respect each other’s space and interestingly, both desire knowledge, sharing a passion which brings people together. They can face anything together and have a solid love life together.

Leo with Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and Leo, both are passionate and loving together. They tend to inspire many couples as long as they are patient and good listeners to each other. They need to stay empathetic too because that is very important in a relationship.

Libra with Brad Pitt

This match is a blessed one. They fit in like hand and glove and they have each other’s back during their low days. They have the ability to easily calm down the other when the difficult moments come. Librans dig the Saggi’s constant protective instincts while Sagittarians love the quality of life a Libra lives. As a married couple, they will turn heads together because of their combined aura.

Aquarius with Brad Pitt

Pitt being a Sagittarian soul, may gel well with the Aquarius because both accept each other’s personality and nature. They may have anger issues but nothing that serious. Saggis will always take a stand for the Aquarius and push them to fly high and achieve what they want. Both zodiacs can rely on each other. With Jennifer Aniston being an Aquarius, it is now very clear why the duo is now still friends!

Pisces with Brad Pitt

These two zodiacs, interestingly, share an amazing camaraderie. Together, their aura is such that they attract good fortune. The broad-minded Pisces will always complement the Sagittarian’s intellectual side. They may face trust issues because Saggis take their sweet time to trust and a Pisces can make the Saggi insecure for no reason.

It is to be noted that Angelina Jolie is a Gemini and not a compatible match, according to this list!

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