Most compatible zodiac signs with Emraan Hashmi
Most compatible zodiac signs with Emraan Hashmi(Photo Credit–Emraan Hashmi/Instagram)

Emraan Hashmi was born on March 24th, making him an Aries. However, Aries people do not get along with everyone due to their strong anger difficulties and impatience. However, because they are headstrong and impetuous spirits, they manage to find the finest connections in the most unexpected people.

On the basis of zodiac signs, famous astrologer Pandit Jagannath Guruji provided us with a peek at some of the most compatible zodiac signs with the likes of Aries. Check it out below:


Gemini with Emraan Hashmi

Hashmi is a fire sign and when it comes to their bond with Gemini, they are the most compatible as the latter is unpredictable, very charismatic and quite spontaneous as well. This is the exact personality that Aries digs for. The beauty of their camaraderie is that both are optimistic and both have a mutual love for adventure. Also, together, they are less rigid and they avoid mundane routines.

Leo with Emraan Hashmi


Leos are fire signs and they have very similar characteristics when we keep an Aries person next to them. As lovers, they are great together and both are driven by ambition. The only dissimilarity between them could be the fact that Leos can’t go off issues. They do tend to hold onto grudges. But both the zodiac signs love to shine and be bold.

Libra and Emran Hashmi

These two signs have rather opposite characteristics but the beauty is that they both compliment each other. Librans want balance and harmony which helps them in dealing with the aggression and Aries people generally have. Aries is impatient and quite stubborn while Librans are peacemakers. The Aries can fly high if a Libra supports them.

Predictions By: Pandit Jagannath Guruji

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