It was highlighted in this column last week that word of mouth for Talaash was mixed which means 100 crore milestone was always going to be a challenge for the film. This was pretty much reflected through weekday collections that kept dipping with every passing day. Leave aside comparisons with Aamir Khan’s own biggies from the past that stayed mighty stable over the weekdays, even those films featuring other superstars that went on to be successful enjoyed a much better run and acceptance amongst the audience.

Talaash & Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Movie Poster
Talaash & Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Movie Poster


All said and done, the fact remains that much more was expected from Talaash as a product and that didn’t quite happen. This means that while the film has managed 68 crores for itself in it’s first week (which by the way is a good number when looked in isolation), audience feedback has pretty much conveyed yet again that they are the final ‘boss’ and it is their verdict which is heard the loudest. As things stand today, the film would just about reach the 90 crore mark and it would be interesting to see if the 92 crore total of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, which was released around a year and a half back, would be crossed.

While the film would still fetch a ‘hit’ tag for itself, it has also given many in the trade, industry and ‘junta’ to question Aamir’s standing in Bollywood. ‘Premature’ is what I would term this as and also completely unwarranted. He was very good yet again in a role that actually could have done even without an actor of his calibre. One Dhoom:3 followed by P.K. would ensure that he would be able to swing masses as well as classes back his way all over again. Wait and watch for 2013!

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  1. Excuse me! Dhoom 3 was always hyped even before its cast was announced. Brand Dhoom has always been huge. D3 isn’t going to be hit due to Aamir alone! It also has Katrina Kaif in it who has better box office record than Aamir at least! PK is a Raju Hirani film and now Talaash’s rejection at box office is showing what Aamir is on his own, and where he stands without Raju Hirani! D3 & PK are just going to be free hits for Aamir Khan. He’s not the main reason for these films’ anticipation!

    • Excuse me!. Ghajini is the first Indian Movie to Reach 100cr with new actors, directors etc. Kareena Kapoor has a better box office track than Katrina!. JTHJ Even with Yash ji and Ar rehman with a better Promotion is a flop. Talaash is a movie made for classes. Hope u get it

      • @Kiran, You are calling JTHJ a flop. Wake up !!!!!!!!. The film has already crossed 120 crs in India and over 70 crs outside India. What esle do you want to call it a HIT. Romantic and Thriller movies are not in at the moment. Its masla movies doing great business for the last 3 years. So the genre is actually different. This genre is well suited to Salman, Ajay and Akshay types of movies. They all are big stars and all they are cashing big money. But then also Hats Off to SRK and AAMIR for getting such huge collections with the films which are actually not in at the moment. And this doesn’t means that SRK and AAMIR cannot do masala movies. They are very versatile actors.

      • K..K…K…K…Kiran……Ghajini is a one time movie,..wase to tv pe aati nhi agr aati hai to koi dekhta nhi..srk ki movies tv pe bhi kitne log dekhte hai..aur woh bhi kitni baar…aise hi talaash bhi aamir ki one time wonder hai..koi tv pe nhi dekhega…iske to satellite rights bhi saste hi bikne chahiye…jo mehnge khridega..wo loss me jayega…and chk ur stats JTHJ is a superhit in india and blockbuster overseas…

    • If a film does not cross 100 Crore club means bad Film.Now I got why Katju said 90% of indians are fools.Talash is a sort of movie
      which tickles ur brain,Inner thoughts,Conflicts,intellectualism etc(I am not comparing with Bergman,Kubrick,Kurosawa etc).If anybody see talash as ghost movie,I can’t help them.
      Aamir keep on challenging mainstream viewers and views. You set 100-Crore and 200_crore club and not following it.Let Followers follow it.

      Satyameva Jayathe

    • talaash was a niche.slow moving film still it did bug business in india and especially overseas where its huge coz of aamir khan…look at srks best bet a yash chopra romance still after first week it crashed…it cudnt do nything near aamirs or salmans or even akshays rowdy or hrithiks agneepath…so srk cant even make a chopra movie work now after superhero flop and big b copied don 2 also floundered

      • @rohan, Even a flop movie (i have my doubts) of SRK like Ra one has collected over 115 crs in India and over 200 crs worldwide. You can actually see the power and stardom of SRK. Collecting 200crs from as flop movie (As per yours rating) is just awesome. Infact ths guy has guts to experiment and to bring a ScFi genre to Bollywood but Bollywood is still not ready for it. Before finishing my point, i just want to say that Raone was not a flop and Don series is a well made action/thriller/drama film and you can compare Don to Hollywood action movies. Regarding JTHJ, no point of sating that collection crashed in its second week. JTHJ has collected over 120 crs in India only and dont forget it has got a great competition with SOS which actually also crossed 100crs. For further on JTHJ, please read my reply to @kiran.

  2. u mega moron…aamir is one guy who doesnt need constipated romance melodrama or massy crap to make movies hit…if srk or salman had done talaash it wudnt do even 50cr…its aamirs magic touch and his stardom dat makes evry movie of his blockbusters…lage raho munna was better than 3 idiots but dint do 1/5 of 3 idiots busineess…there r a lot of good films but only when aamir is there do they become blockbusters…u r so moroni u compare a heroine who just swngs wid big heroes and no acting talent like katrina wid aamir?…u fool…aamir doesnt need big directorsl or cheap item songs or jjohar/chopra ofr hits..look at rdb,lagaan,tzp,ghajini,sarfarosh.dil chahta hai,…all aamir movies r total AAMIR KHAN films!!

  3. I also believe Aamir is a star just because of his selection of good scripts..and i really blieve credit for 3 idiots has to go to Raj Kumar Hirani. it was because of Raju film fetched 50 or 60 crores more.
    SRK is true superstar because even with average scripts, he makes a mark with his acting..Great Actor..
    and for Salman..He has just got lucky from years..

    • srk is a star only coz of johar/chopra movies which gals .nd nris liked and he just played the same raj/rahul in all his movies…his overacting is something evryone points out..who told im to not pick good scripts…its not aamirs fault if he doesnt hav script sense…aamir doesnt need any crutches to make a hit…big banners,or romance melodrama or massy crap/…great actor…after big b theres only aamir

      • If SRK is a star because of Chopras/Johar then these Chopras/Johars are also because of SRK…Yash Chopra gave a flop with Lamhe..and with Darr trade had no expectations..but the film worked..aditya Chopra first movie was with SRK…Karan Johar first movies was with SRK….So both SRK and CHopras/Johar complement each other…i strongly believe Agr SRK na hota to yeh banners itne huge bhi nhi hote…and SRK has helped popularized Indian Cinema to the whole world..

      • @karan, I think you have not seen chakde India, Swades, Darr, Yes Boss, My name is Khan, Kabhi Alvida na Kehna, Don Series, Devdas, Dil se, Ashoka, Ramjanne, Bazigar . The list is endless. So check before you post something. SRK is a Diector/Producer actor. He pays respect to Big Directors/Producers and doesn’t interfere, as he belives in them. Everybody wants to work with Chopra/Johar then why are you raising this point. Aamir is also working with their banner and Salman is working with them. why are you just pointing out to SRK??? Aamir is a very big actor no doubt about it but i have my doubts if he would have said Yash Ji to please change the script and do it like the way i am saying. This is business and nobody is above the business. If these banners are working with SRK then they know it that where are they investing and what will be the outcome. SRK is a big international star and they know that they will easily recover their cost if the film will be big flop. So nobody is helping anybody, everybody is helping eachother.

    • Mr Ankit, Aamir has done movie with small banners, new directors. He is the only star in most of his movies yet he gives the kind of collections. Think of openings even an uinsuccessful movie like Mangal Pandey opened to record collections, ghajini was an opening record, 3 idiots laso. If u think of shah rukh khan most of his movies are with Johars, Chopras who themselves have a loyal following and can drive audience to th movie halls, whenever he has done with small producers, his films have failed miserably.


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