Talaash Review (Talaash Movie Poster)
Talaash Review (Talaash Movie Poster)

Rating: 3.5/5 stars (Three-and-a-half stars)

Star cast: Aamir Khan, Rani Mukerji, Kareena Kapoor, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Raj Kumar Yadav, Shernaz Patel.

What’s Good: The nuanced performances; the enticing cinematography; the direction and music.

What’s Bad: The pace; the slightly disappointing ending.

Loo Break: None.

Watch or Not?: Let the thrill and mystery sink in. Watch it for a different kind of film with much more than good acting, music and the thrill.

User Rating:

There’s a lot of searching in Talaash; Aamir’s quest to solve a murder, Rani gropes for closure, Nawazuddin tries to find a way out of his hellish life.

When a famous actor dies in a mysterious accident, police officer Surjan Singh Shekhawat aka Suri (Aamir Khan) mixes up his personal and professional worlds. His search for answers takes him to seedy whorehouses and a milieu of pigheadedly uncooperative to dangerously seductive characters.

He has a street-smart junior, Devrath (Raj Kumar Yadav) who helps him in the investigation, a deliciously inviting hooker, Rosy (Kareena Kapoor), who drops mysterious hints about the case and talks in riddles, and a tricky Temur (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) who’s playing his own games. While he tries to connect the dots of the murder, blackmail and the lies, he and wife Roshni (Rani Mukerji) are barely able to come to terms with the death of their son. Old hands in the police department try and persuade Suri to drop the case, claiming it to be one of the unexplained “A Final” ones.

Blaming himself for his son’s death, Suri spends his nights wide awake, driving through desolate streets and seeking answers, leaving Roshni alone to grapple with her pain. So when a neighbour (Shernaz Patel) claims to talk to her dead son’s spirit, Roshni does not need much convincing to seek her help.

Was the actor’s death an accident or murder? Is there something that connects Suri’s son’s death and the actor? Does Temur help the investigation, botch it or start his own games altogether? And what role does Rosy really play in all of this?

The answers aren’t all purely deductive, but veer to the supernatural as well.

Talaash Review (Talaash Movie Stills)
Rani Mukerji and Aamir Khan (Talaash Movie Stills)

Talaash Review: Script Analysis

Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar’s second collaboration sees a lot more intricacy in terms of the story, depth, characters. The story has been woven very well to display the dangerous dance of how Suri’s real, imagined and perceived worlds intermingle. Their skill in creating an eerie heaviness throughout the film is very good. The dialogues by Farhan Akhtar are good. One flaw seems to be in Rosy’s character. She seems too classy with her dresses, bags and stilettos, to be an ordinary hooker that she’s shown to be.

The film takes its own time, ambling through the dingy, claustrophobic corners of Kamatipura. While this really accentuates the mystery and thrill, it can get tiring to some. They deserve another pat for bringing out the emptiness surrounding Roshni and Suri without too much of the waterworks. Even though the ending explains the mystery, it’s not entirely satisfying.

Talaash Review: Star Performances

Perfectionist or not, Aamir Khan does an excellent job of the troubled cop-father Suri. He really brings out a father’s pain – the helplessness, playing over what he could have done differently over and over in his head, the inability to comprehend why and come to terms with it. It’s difficult to look beautiful and as pained Rani Mukerji who does a marvelous job as Roshni. And she’s not doing it by bravely wiping away her tears with her pallu; it’s her expressions and the silence that do all the talking. Kareena Kapoor manages to hold Rosy’s mysterious aura quite well. One scene – when she tells Suri about her missing friend – particularly stands out for just how perfectly she allows only a sliver of sorrow to show on her face.

How Nawazuddin Siddiqui manages to pull of slime bag and adorable Temur in one role is anyone’s guess, but this man makes you giddy with his facets. Raj Kumar Yadav does well as Devrath. The other actors lend very good support.

Talaash Review: Direction, Music & Editing

Reema Kagti keeps a consistent direction throughout the film, giving the viewer everything to concoct the answer to the mystery in their own heads. The ending might be a letdown for viewers for the unconventional way she chooses to answer questions, but it has been done well. KU Mohanan’s cinematography is wonderful. He lends a dreamy look throughout the film with the colours, focus and the weirdest locales. Ram Sampath does an amazing job with the perfect mix of titillating and mysterious with jazz, electronica and classical fusion. Javed Akhtar lends good lyrics.

The sets deserve a special mention because they are so brilliant, with even the infamous cages of Kamathipura.

Talaash Review: The Last Word

For those patient through sit and allow the movie to take over, Talaash offers a lot with the mystery, Aamir and Rani’s performances, and enticing cinematography. But others might be put off by the unconventional story might not satisfy all.

Talaash Trailer

Talaash released on 30th November, 2012.

Share with us your experience of watching Talaash.

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  1. Watched Talaash and it is truly a great film.Aamir is brilliant.All those people who are fond of masala movies should avoid it as such kind of movies requires intelligence to understand them.Aamir is the King of acting.

  2. I am so looking forward to watch this one. I’ve booked my ticket at Wave Cinemas and I think Aamir Khan is gonna do amazing acting here.

      • U r right dear, Amir ki acting Sallu se to 200% achi hai, Amir k films mey story b hoti hai, mey ne abhi talaash nahi dekhi lekin im sure k Talash achi film hogi jitne reviews dekhey woh to 50-50 hain , kuch mey film ki tareef aur kuch mey khaamyan batayi gyi hain, im a big fan of Shahrukh but im also Like Amir, Both r Super stars , Srk is King and Amir is Perfectionist so, Best of luck Amir.

  3. Thik Movie,,,,,,,,,, But No Action Only Dialouges & Suspense, Enjoy Movie One Time Watch & Aamir Good Acting, Kuch Moments Aate Hai Film Hai Jab Aapko Nind Aa Jati Hai, But Good Story Lekin Slow Moving Hai,
    Direction Is Ok, Normal Directing, Songs Are Good & Right Moments Par Aate Hai, But Kuch Points Clear Nahi Hote.
    Overall Verdict: One Time Watch & Enjoy Suspense.

  4. Its just awesome film .awesome acting..specifically kareena done extremely good job Her expression just mindblowing and aamir also done good job n rani also done good job n surprise is nawajudin and music, direction n story it’s just awesome n guys can’t miss this…go watch n enjoy :-)

  5. Just love this film … ♥
    Superb wonderful experience during this film ♥

    Kareena look so beautiful n gorgeous and she done award winning acting ♥ she ‘ll win award for sure ♥

    Amir so handsome and looking hot n done good job and rani also good ♥

    10 /10 stars from my side the best film ♥

  6. abe salo tumlogo ko koi kam dham nahi hai kya mere khayl se to aamir hi bakwas hai 3 idots only hit baki bakwas ghar jao aur so jao aur kuch kam dham bh kar lo

  7. Bhai kisi Ko Movie Dekhne Jaane Ki Jarurat Nahi h… Abhi Dekh kar aya hu…Totally Bakaas movie h…Poori movie bore h….Bilkul Bore….. I love aamir khan but this time he Embarrased me… :(

  8. A very good one-time-view movie, Reema Kagti does manage to keep you involved in Aamir Khan’s “search” to solve the riddle, definitely so with every new character that she introduces. But, the end is way too unconventional for us bollywood moviegoers. Some might be disappointed. Aamir khan does his part with sincerity, though his role doesnt have much depth, except for the scenes involving his family. Mostly he is shown shuttling from one place to another for the investigation. Rani gives a quiet enigma to her forlorn character,deepening the mystery further. But it feels as though she is given a raw deal in her role. Kareena breezes beautifully throughout the film and has brought about an ethereal shade to her performance, which suits her admirably. Farhaan Akhtar’s dialogues are really good. Also, the music ,especially the opening title credit song, has a haunting quality to it. I guess the plot has some loose ends, or maybe i wasnt attentive enough about them.But overall, a good film!

  9. i lv amir bt ths tym i m sad nd ya

    Hahahaha Talaash Is a Third Rated
    Copied Movie From Hollywood Classics..
    It is shamelessly copied from
    Hollywood, not fromone but few of
    them. insomania
    the sixth sense
    shutter island

  10. aamir’s son is the ghost.Even he murdered rani mukerjee.Aamir remains alive and kills his son’s spirit.
    Ratings-6 out of 5 stars

  11. amir is good actor..no doubt abt that …but people r expected much better then last movie so talaash is not like that..movie…..so best of luck amir for next time .u can do better..

  12. My suggestion to people : go and watch this movie, it’s one of the best movies made this year, most of the ppl commenting here have only come to this forum to pull down this movie without even seeing it in the first place, most unlikely case scenario u don’t like the movie, still are u willing to miss an aamir starrer after a gap of 3 years, be honest .

  13. Total time waste…after the movie you will “taalash” ki story kya thi and talaash for answers why i went for this movie.

    I watched the movie free as had earned enough credit points! Still it hurt

  14. First of all tomake things clear, I just read couple of reviewsby some leading critic saying that it is not a copy of “KahaanI” or it is not based on the book and this is best suspense thriller made in India. Sorry, it is shamelessly copied from Hollywood, not from one but few of them.
    Aamir’s character can not sleep and he is a cop, so does Al Pacino in “Insomnia” directed by master Christopher Nolan. Aamir talks to someone and sees someone whom no one else can see, so does Bruce Wills in highly acclaimed blockbuster “The Sixth Sense” directed by M. Night Shyamlan. And undercurrent of the films including lighting and background score are lifted from Leonardo starrer “Shutter Island” directed by great Martin Scorsese. Plus you can see clear influence of earlier Farhan starrer “Karthik Calling Karthik”, an accident with a child and its haunting memory.
    So this was about the originality of the film. 2nd film does not offer any entertainment. It does not mean that film should had the item number or cheap jokes but film lacks any effort to offer anything new in a rather rosy style. Story is all all about a murder of one bollywood hero Armaan Kapoor and our Inspector Shekawat (played by Aamir) trying to solve the puzzle.
    Music is complete unnecessary and songs do not add anything to the film. But the real blame goes to writers, Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti who make a bad copy cat product which can’t be saved by even exceptional performances or good direction. Story never rises above the average and in the end you keep gasping for more.
    Director Reema Kagti shows her command over the medium but the script is so uninspiring that it does not matter beyond a point. She gives some amazing scenes to Kareena and Aamir but beyond a point it gives you good sleeping time in cinema.

  15. “Talaash” Movie My Ne Dekhi Hai.
    Vo Khel Me Karina Kapur Already Marjako Rahti.
    Khel Me Karina Kapur Ek Shaitanni [Aatma].
    Movie Me Karina Kapur Khali Aamir Khan Kuch Dikhti Rahti.
    Vo Vishay Aamir Khan Kubi Malum Nai Rahta.
    Karina Kapur Ke Baare Me Aamir Khan Ku Climax Me Malum Hota.
    Aamir Khan Ku Malum Nai Sarkach Karina Kapur Aamir Khan Ke Help Si Villans Ke Upar Apna Badla Pura Karleti Hai.
    Talaash [The Answer Lies Within].
    The Best Caption For This Film.
    Movie Me Karina Kapur Ek Aatma.

  16. What happened with mr perfact aamir khan…??…i m fan of him…but this movie is not good…this movie can damage image of aamir…bad movie..

  17. Incredible suspense movie with out stretching the legs of ghost or ‘aatma’ unnecessarily like RGV.No one can understand the climax until unless he watched the full movie.Suspense was at verge.Aamir as usual damn good.Kareena maintains her attitude.2 scenes of Kareena can stop your heartbeat.Over all Aamir resumes to be an ‘ACE”

  18. I honestly don’t know how any Critics yet has not compared this film to a Hollywood Movie “WHAT LIES BENEATH”
    starring Harrison Ford, Michelle Pfeiffer ….
    Especially the ending scene underneath the water where the ghost (kareena) saves aamir life,is scene to scene copy in that ghost (Katharine) saves Michelle pfeiffer life……….
    CopyCats ……No originality ….& I believe NO Critic is honest to reveal this to Mr.Aamir Khan–who claims to be Satyavadi….Hippocratic guy

  19. Aamir Khan is famous for realistic movies but the happenings and occurances here doesen’t seem to be possible.
    However acting and music are just brilliant..

  20. I am sure that bollywood will finish soon because good movis do not have crowd and bad movies are making it big in box offce so guys keep wathing masala films to finish this beautiful world

  21. “Talaash” Movie My Ne Dekhi Hai.
    Vo Khel Me Karina Kapur Already Marjako Rahti.
    Khel Me Karina Kapur Ek Shaitanni [Aatma].
    Movie Me Karina Kapur Khali Aamir Khan Kuch Dikhti Rahti.
    Vo Vishay Aamir Khan Kubi Malum Nai Rahta.
    Karina Kapur Ke Baare Me Aamir Khan Ku Climax Me Malum Hota.
    Aamir Khan Ku Malum Nai Sarkach Karina Kapur Aamir Khan Ke Help Si Villans Ke Upar Apna Badla Pura Karleti Hai.
    Talaash [The Answer Lies Within].
    The Best Caption For This Film.
    Movie Me Karina Kapur Ek Aatma.

  22. Incredible film. First time for Indian audience. Even Dil Chahta hai took time to make place in peoples heart. This will definitely touch the heart as well the thrill is gonna be thrilling. Great film. A blockbuster that will break records but slowly with word of mouth publicity.

  23. It’s another different movie after barfi..and must watch….great act by all the character….and amir’s once again proved that he was different actor..

  24. really 100% sucks….Better watch some horror english movie than this.waste of time and money…never expected this from aamir khan….

    Waste movie….ghost(Kareena Kapoor) takes revenge on her killers. She a prostitute murdered by some guys she came back as ghost and kill them one by one…Sounds like 1980’s horror movie.. Movie is slow and sucks a lot.

  25. gud movie jo khe rhe hai ki film achi nehi hai unhe lagta hai ki filmo me fight na ho tho film achi nehi hai /i think its not film its part of life

  26. “Talaash” Movie My Ne Dekhi Hai.
    Vo Khel Me Karina Kapur Already Marjako Rahti.
    Khel Me Karina Kapur Ek Shaitanni [Aatma].
    Movie Me Karina Kapur Khali Aamir Khan Kuch Dikhti Rahti.
    Vo Vishay Aamir Khan Kubi Malum Nai Rahta.
    Karina Kapur Ke Baare Me Aamir Khan Ku Climax Me Malum Hota.
    Aamir Khan Ku Malum Nai Sarkach Karina Kapur Aamir Khan Ke Help Si Villans Ke Upar Apna Badla Pura Karleti Hai.
    Talaash [The Answer Lies Within].
    The Best Caption For This Film.
    Movie Me Karina Kapur Ek Aatma.

  27. fabulous movie……that is what called a real thriller and suspense..watched that kind of a movie after so long….amir was as usula at his best…he was outstanding..rani even without make up looked soooo gorgeous..she was outstandsing amir and rani looked great together…all in all a worth watching movie…

  28. People having patience to watch a ‘Not So Appealing’ climax may watch it to their heart’s content. The story line is good but does not keep up to one’s expectations with the hype created about the movie. All actors have played their part well, direction etc is good , but guys, it failed to keep me seated in awe. I was just waiting for the movie’s end since I had paid for it . An average movie , I wud say.

  29. Amir khan was as usual perfect in his acting in TALAASH. But the story line was not upto the mark …. specially the ending was horrible….It could have been a perfect thriller rather a ghost story with kareena kapoor as a seductive ghost ….!!!!

  30. The movie is slow and the concept of Ghost Kareena as the murderer concept is not really suspense. copied from numerous movie. specially 6th sense where ghost doesnt know she is ghost

  31. Talaash is a stupid film. Believe me people it is a waste of time and money. It is a ghost story. And Kareena Kapoor isplaying the role of a ghost. What a bad movie. I am surprised how Amir Khan has done such a useless film.

  32. awesome & tremendous movie …………… hats off Aamir khan. Totally different story. After a long days i have seen that type of thriller. Awesome Awesome Awesome

  33. It ‘s fabulous movie.once again amir has proved that he is a different actor and always tries to come with new story so he did wid talaash

  34. Talaash is a SuSPnce ThRiller, not a ghst stry, kareena was the answer of the “TalaAsh”..of inspector shekhawat(amir). A serious mvie nt a cpy mvie.

  35. It’s not that much of expected movie to watch it’s about ok ok type, and i think compare to talaash SRK’s JTHJ was intersting movie.

  36. Amir main aap ka friend hon mager aap ke flim talaash boring nikle koi story he nh the flim beta jaldi dhoom 3 bhajo dhoom 3 is all time blockbuster

  37. In the history of indian cinema there is a lot of gud movies in suspence quotion.But now a days the quality of cinema comes is lollll simply.What great about dis man Mr Perfectionists is he keeps himself what he says actually,no one can even comes in the same frame where aamir khan appers.After a long time since I watched a movie which I like most.It was a treat to watch.Hats of to him.The real king,,,

  38. I like the way Aamir act in this Movie and the dialog “Timhari bad kismati yeh hai ke Mujhe aasani se Hansi nahi aati”, which is given by Farhan Akhtar.

  39. Very well constructed review. I was surprised to finally find an unbiased review that highlights all the angles well, and reviews the movie based on its merits, and not on taste… Couldnt have written the review better myself… Excellent work

  40. i dont have words for amir but i jus wanna say that he is only one perfectionist in all bollywood extrreemmlyy good movie hatts off for amir n rani………..

  41. Aamirkhan is my favourite actor in bollywood. “3 idiots” is my 1st no favourite movie and “Talaash” is my 2nd no favourite movie.

  42. […] His last releases have stroked the right chord amongst the audiences. Starting with his film Talaash, it had collected 15.50 crores* on the 2nd day taking the total to 29.50 crores*. Then came one of […]


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