English Vinglish and Kahaani Movie Posters
English Vinglish and Kahaani Movie Posters

Predictions came true to the T last weekend, what with neither English Vinglish not Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli opening to encouraging collections. These were always meant to be word of mouth films and it was also apparent that former had an edge over the latter. However everything had to eventually boil down to rest of the weekend and this is what happened, what with both films starting rather slow but English Vinglish eventually emerging victorious. Meanwhile there were ample scares from OMG Oh My God! as well which, as predicted again, proved to be a tough competition even in its second weekend.

While first day opening of English Vinglish averaged out to 30%-40% by close of Friday, KLPD couldn’t manage much which means writing was pretty much clear on the wall. The Vivek Oberoi starrer had to settle down around the 6 crore mark which is not quite encouraging. While negative reviews and media backlash didn’t help its cause either, meteoric rise of English Vinglish meant that the writing was clear on the wall.

The Sridevi starrer saw glowing reviews coming from all quarters that only resulted in its deeper penetration at multiplexes. Results were seen on day by day escalation of the film where Saturday scored massively high over Friday while Sunday resulted in a huge peak for the Gauri Shinde directed affair. As a result, the film ended up managing collections of around 13 crores which is stupendous considering its first day of mere 2.5 crores.

These collections are also quite similar to what Vidya Balan’s Kahaani had accumulated in its opening weekend. The Sujoy Ghosh film had sustained exceedingly well to collect around 60 crores in its lifetime run and now all eyes are on how far would English Vinglish go from this point. Though a deserving film, even 50 crores look difficult for now since there are multiple films lined up in weeks to come.

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