Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli Review (Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli Movie Poster)
Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli Movie Poster

Rating: 1/5 Star (One-Star)

Star cast: Vivek Oberoi, Mallika Sherawat, Neha Dhupia, Ashutosh Rana, Anshuman Jha.

What’s Good: The Captain and his gang.

What’s Bad: The nonsense script; the annoying gags; some irritating characters.

Loo Break: Anytime!

Watch or Not?: No, seriously avoid this one.

User Rating :

There’s not even a pun on the abbreviation of the film’s name – KLPD – that could add any humour to it or salvage it a little bit. It’s just an unending grind thankfully comes to a much need end but only after a painful 150 minutes.

Lokesh (Vivek Oberoi) sets his hunter (“shikari”) eyes on Lovina (Mallika Sherawat) at a party and stalks her to the metro station. Instead of getting his prey, he gets involved in the death of a mysterious, white-sari clad, pretty woman (Neha Dhupia). On the run from the cops, Lokesh bumps into Lovina again.

Then there’s the slap-happy Captain (Ashutosh Rana) and his gang who want to celebrate the former’s birthday with a looting spree in Delhi but end with just about spare change. An innocent delivery-boy-turned-flying-ear-biting-maniac Nunnoo (Anshuman Jha) adds more commotion to the confused story. This isn’t it: there’s also a missing sting tape, another group chasing the duo, a politician’s son who, Nazi-like, yells “Hail Corruption!” at his party, a rape song and some horrendous gags on gay designers.

Watching the rest is an unbearable test of your patience.

Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli Review (Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli Movie Stills)
Vivek Oberoi and Mallika Sherawat (Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli Movie Stills)

Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli Review: Script Analysis

Sanjay Khanduri’s story and script is a confusing web which barely makes you laugh. Don’t be surprised if the movie reminds you a lot of Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local. It’s only the Captain and his gang that make you laugh (at least a little bit) even with the rape-song, the rest of them just seem to be trying hard to make you leave the theatre. And what is it with Nunnoo’s character? His hulk-like transformation from a hard-on-luck delivery boy to an insane, ear-chewing creep just defies humour and logic.

Oh, and barely 30-seconds after Lokesh pins Lovina to the ground in a very rape-esque scene, she’s singing and dancing with him at a Punjabi wedding. The dialogues are alright.

Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli Review: Star Performances

There’s not really much acting to talk about. Mallika Sherawat gives her usual expressions. Vivek Oberoi is no Delhi-boy and it clearly shows. At times he tries so hard that you begin to pity him. Ashutosh Rana does well as the Captain but his grey lenses don’t make sense. Anshuman Jha gets on your nerves as Nunnoo. Neha Dhupia is ordinary in her cameo (heck, she shows more scene that Mallika).

Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli Review: Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

Sanjay Khanduri’s direction is alright but he dug the pit for himself with his script. Music directors Amjad Nadeem and Santokh Singh have done a good job, especially with the Happy Birthday and Dhishkyon songs. Savita Singh’s cinematography is banal. Sandeep Francis and Dharmendra Sharma’s editing is alright.

Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli Review: The Last Word

There are no two ways about it and we’re not even bothering with a pun this time: KLPD is a painful watch that’s better avoided.

Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli Trailer

Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli releases on 5th October, 2012

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    • KLPD is fantastic yaar….!! why its been fukkked by this guy.whose name itself is “KOMAL”..
      hhahahaha… Par yaar…Dilli walo ki baatein mast batayi hain… infact its happening in every city.. ENJOYED THE MOVIE.. 3.5 STAR from my side.

  1. Haaanji … Gandi baatein sochtey ho Sab

    .. AAMIR boley D.K.BOSE to HIT…

    VIVEK Boley KLPD to CHeap???


  2. I liked that guy minister’s son Bambi.. solid dialog he has.. to every bloody problem in this county solution is corruption..

  3. Awesome Movie…Movie of this year..Vivek was good, but becomes legendary actor with this movie…And that girl not remember her name (the heroine) she was extraordinarily actress…I would say it should be the best comedy movie of this year..

  4. What the shit ? Who wrote this review.
    I like the flim. It was really an entertaining. The flim script has try to keep auidence completely focused. Different parameter of twist never feeled bored. Even for shake of publicity or hipe no any bad words or any erotic secne like all future movies are coming up like gangs of wassepur ghore and volience and stupid bad words punching in every dialouge make process of script of dull.

    Kismat paisa love and dilli intellegently written started with train scence back to past and come back there and the reason for trapping vivek oberia in such a bad condition. The ending of the flim is also awesome live an unexpected climax that impress a lot to audience.

    The truth about crouption and real policts convince to audience in a very different style making into fine tune story.

    If this deserve 1 star by you then its really shocked

  5. Seems like koimoi has lost it….KLPD is an entertaining film with a message Esp. for the youth…..sadly koimoi cant see the same,,,,,

  6. guys just watched this movie with freinds…this film is amazingly funny as hell..amazing film..vivek was awsome also Ashutosh Rana as Kaptaan stole the show..the guys who have written the review above do not know anything about this comedy flick you are going to love it…well made from the moment it starts to the the very end second…It was a fantabulous performance of Vivek I must say. Despite his age he has portrayed himself as a typical, cool 25 year old college going flirty lad. And who could have better played the role of a fashion show anchor, other than Mallika. The cast selection was very precise and appropriate, supplementary to the romance in the midnight hour’s silent Delhi road. The crispy comedy, hilarious acting and funny dialogues are all superb and in sync to the plot. Ashutosh Rana as Kaptaan stole the show. I still laugh aloud when I remember his robbery logic and birthday celebration. His rolling eyes with a bit of confusion during his birthday celebration made my stomach ache with laughter. I was amazed to see the serious side of Mallika with “no non-sense” this time. Really, she is a versatile actress. Seeing the earlier movies of her I had never imagined that she has such height of flexibility in her acting! This movie is as approbating as the previous one.


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