Out of a blue, Anurag Kashyap’s much delayed Ugly is all set for release today. With just a 10 day window for the film’s promotion, the thought is indeed noble to spend less on marketing.


Having said that, it is pretty much a wait and watch scenario to see if the gamble indeed pays off. After all, PK is doing great guns whereas Ugly doesn’t have any star face to fetch audience for itself. It would all boil down to word of mouth.

Ronit Roy in a still from movie 'Ugly'
Ronit Roy in a still from movie ‘Ugly’

Now that could still be fine enough for a feel good affair as such films have a bigger chance to grow on the basis of news spreading fast about their worth. However, Ugly is a dark film and hence is aiming for a niche audience to begin with.

As things stand today, the film can’t really expect an opening per se, and it would actually be a surprise in itself if it indeed manages to register an impact the box office.

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