Tenet Box Office Analysis: How Much Money Christopher Nolan's Sci-Fi Could've Lost Due To Pandemic?
Tenet Box Office Analysis: How Much Money Christopher Nolan’s Sci-Fi Could’ve Lost Due To Pandemic?

A couple of months back when Christopher Nolan’s Tenet was yet to release in cinemas, many were suspicious about it. While releasing the film theatrically amid pandemic was a huge risk that Nolan took, he has braved it.


We say this because even in tough times like this, the film has managed to cross $300 million mark globally. Even though it’s not a number to boast of but considering the year has been a synonym to the crisis, it’s good enough. In fact, in our previous report, we shared how the film is already 3rd highest grosser of the year globally.


Tenet has suffered a lot due to its disappointing performance in the US. The film was hit hard by the pandemic and hence is struggling to even touch the $50 million mark there. But recovered countries like China and others have contributed well to give the film as much as $262 million internationally. Not to forget, the film will soon release in India and considering Nolan’s good fan following here, a decent business can be expected.

As of now, Tenet is taking a shot at $400 million. While it doesn’t look easy it’s not impossible either if it continues its run for the next couple of months. Yes, we consider that possibility because No Time To Die has been postponed and Tenet can stay at the box office as long as it can.

So considering the case, Tenet ends up doing a lifetime business of $400 million, how much business will it end up losing overall? That has been a big question recently and we’ll discuss that here today.

Well, Christopher Nolan’s hardcore sci-fi movies like Inception and Interstellar have done amazingly at the worldwide box office in normal conditions. A much-loved film like Inception did a worldwide business of $836.8 million as it released 10 years back in 2010. Despite having an extremely complex concept and screenplay, the film performed phenomenally. It did a business of $292.5 million in the US only and fetched $544.2 million internationally.

In fact, a film like Interstellar in 2014 collected $696.2 million worldwide. The domestic business of the film was $188 million and it collected $508.2 million in the overseas. If Tenet released in normal conditions it could’ve done a worldwide business somewhere in $750 million to $850 million range. However right now considering its highest possible range looks like $400 million, the film might face a theatrical potential loss of at least $350 – $450 million. As huge as it sounds, it’s also a fact that the film has lost the amount which it’s struggling to make.

Good decision or bad, well, that’s a decision only Christopher Nolan and team Tenet team make. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.

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