Tenet Is Doing Very Well In India As Far As Advance Booking Is Concerned(Pic credit: IMDb)
Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Is All Set To Bring Back The Smiles On The Faces Of Exhibitors(Pic credit: IMDb)

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is very close to its release in India and it seems people here are ready to jump over the opportunity. The film is being awaited by Nolan fans here in India for a long time and now that it’s close to release, we can see the excitement in advance booking trends.

The advance booking of Tenet started in the weekend gone by and the trends were excellent since then. As the film is nearing the release date, the trends are only getting better. Here’s how the film is doing at the box office 2 days before its release.




Mumbai is the main city of India when it comes to films. And it’s again proving the fact. The advance booking trends of Tenet in Mumbai are excellent.

As per Bookmyshow, there are about 25% English IMAX 2D shows which are filling fast or sold out in Mumbai currently. Apart from that English 2D version has 40-45% shows which are on the verge of getting sold out. Though the Hindi 2D version is on a lower side with 10-15% fast filling shows.


Delhi is also showing good trends as the Hindi 2D versions have 10-15% shows which are getting booked fast. English 2D versions are filled 5-10% but it has enough time to pick up. English IMAX 2D is yet to see any show with healthy occupancies.


Bengaluru is better than Delhi as far as IMAX 2D is concerned. People love Nolan movies for the cinematic experience they provide and hence Tenet’s IMAX version is doing very well in some major cities.

English IMAX 2D version has got 45-50% shows which are on the verge of getting sold out. English 2D version is slow yet as there are only 5-10% shows with healthy occupancies. Hindi, Tamil & Telugu versions are non-starters as of now.


Hyderabad is also doing fairly as there are 10-15% English 2D shows here which are getting good occupancies. Hindi and Telugu versions are yet to start and have a very limited release.


Chennai is performing well with all the English IMAX 2D shows promising big. Though only 5-10% English 2D shows are filling fast as of now and same is with Tamil 2D versions.


Pune is on par with Mumbai as all the English IMAX 2D shows are promising big. English 2D & Hindi 2D shows are also doing pretty well with 25-30% of them filling fast.

Ahmedabad & Chandigarh are non-starters yet and will be expected to get a boost soon.

This is a pretty good trend considering the pandemic situation. However, at the same time, it must be remembered that Tenet is not getting the kind of screening it would’ve got normally.

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