Box Office - Shamshera takes a poor opening
Shamshera Box Office Day 1 Updates! (Photo Credit–YRF/Instagram)

Unfortunate, but true. Shamshera has taken a poor opening at the box office. In this column, it was predicted that the Ranbir Kapoor starrer would take a minimum start of 15 crores. Even that was conservative since a film of this scale, size, production and star value should ideally be seeing a 25 crores start. However, things have taken a turn for Bollywood films in 2022 and hence one has to keep expectations in check. Hence, 15 crores seemed more optimal.

What has actually turned out to be the case is so very disappointing as merely 10.25 crores have come in for Shamshera. This, by no stretch of the imagination, is acceptable since there was so much at stake for the film. The promotion and marketing were quite good, the visibility was there too, the buzz was apparent and then the release was massive at over 4000+ screens in India.

Still, when a film like Shamshera doesn’t even take a start then it reflects all over again that audience interest for any movie, be it big or small, is very sparse (and choosy) in the current times.

A low start could have been digested as well but then things needed to improve at least in the evening and night shows. Moreover, Shamshera was also released in higher-priced IMAX screens. Still, the occupancy continued to hover in the 20-30% range which is just not done. It is shocking for all involved, be the makers, exhibitors or distributors.

Ranbir Kapoor arrived on the big screen four years after Sanju and he has done quite well too. However, unless there is a miraculous turnaround today and tomorrow, looks like his effort will go unnoticed.

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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