Shah Rukh Khan’s Don 2 collected an estimated Rs. 4.82 crore (all-India net collections) at the box-office windows on Thursday (December 29). The film, which had released on December 23, has collected a total of Rs. 75 crore in its first week.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Don 2 Poster
Shah Rukh Khan’s Don 2 Poster

Don 2: Day Wise Collections For Week 1


(in Rs. crore) (all figures are all-India net collections)

These collections, from all the versions of Don 2 – Hindi, dubbed Tamil and dubbed Telugu; 2D and 3D – are very good. The producers and the worldwide distributor of Don 2 will make profits. The film will prove to be a plus fare. Read more about the economics of Don 2 here.

More On Don 2 Box-Office

Shah Rukh Khan’s Don 2 Adds Rs. 5.5 Cr On Wed; 6-Day Total: Rs. 69 Cr

Shah Rukh Khan’s Don 2 Makes Rs. 7 Crore On Day 5

Don 2 Nets Rs. 8 Cr On Monday; 4-Day Total 57 Cr

Shah Rukh Khan’s Don 2 Nets Rs. 49 Cr Over Weekend

Don 2 Breaks Previous Shah Rukh & Salman Films’ Records In Overseas

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    • @adnan..i think you are living in space…you dont know wht’s happening around is hit..and about to cross 100 mark…..

      • DON 2 is certainly a better film than Bodyguard, but technically (But Bodyguard was a heart-touching film with an awesome love story; over all DON2 looks better but why it failed to do better at Box office? Of course DON2 will be superhit but not blockbuster or ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER like Ready or Bodyguard. That proves that Salman becomes Phenomenon.. he can really make a worst film Blockbuster by his presence, style and charismatic performances, dialogues and catch dance steps. So, the final verdict is a film DON2 is better but as a Star Salman Khan is bigger.

        • Lo bhai… now its cleared that DOG2 will not even be a Superhit, it is only a ‘Hit’ already declared by (well known to be a pro SRK website and the official box office data providing website). Kaha Salman ka ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER and BLOCKBUSTER films aur kaha SR-GAY ka Semi Hit/Hit films…LoL… na jane kaha kaha se… gande naliyo se aake Bhaai se panga lene aa jate hai sale.. ab toh sharm karo kamino.. SALMAN is THE LION, THE EMPEROR and THE BIGGEST MEGASTAR of BOLLYWOOD, its now official and confirmed.

  1. it is not at all a flop,neither by content nor by box office…by d way who told u this rubbish thing. will u plz elaborate it ???? blind salman khan fans….

  2. salman khan is a peson who can never do good acting . he can do only masala movies having 1-2 item numbers ,he can never match upto hollywood standards as srk has done through his raone and don 2 …he has taken indian cinema to a new height..

    • But Salman Khan had already done a Hollywood film as the lead actor, thus he became the 1st indian actor to do a Hollywood film as a hero; so, without Hollywood standards how Salman Khan was approached by Hollywood producers and directors, that also for a main role in a Hollywood film? Hollywood superstar Richard Gere said he became a great fan of Salman Khan when he watched Maine Pyar Kiya, then he said he watched almost all films of Salman Khan and impressed with many of them like Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, Baaghi, Karan Arjun, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Hum Saath Saath Hai, Tere Naam, Chori Chori Chupke Chupke, Baaghbaan, Garv, Wanted and Dabangg etc..!! SRK has no Hollywood films, even though he is superior…. but only for his blind idiotic fans.

  3. DON 2, which fetched a superb start in Overseas, collecting $ 7 million in its 5-day opening weekend, ended its Week 1 with a fat total — $ 9.47 million [approx Rs 50.43 cr] . The Week 1 business is as follows:-

  4. Don 2 is a wonderful movie.But with 3000+ screens 75 crore in 1st week not satisfiable.An average movie like Ready collected 69 crore in 1st week with 1800+ screens( Non-Festival Release).It means Salman Khan is superior than SRK at boxoffice.

    • Mr. Rabbi, it unessary to comment now becoz all srk fans r happy of don plz wait for salman ek ha tiger. srk can pay any price to get awards.for boxoffice collections plz check website

  5. king bro ,SRK didn’t collect even 20 crore on 1st day with [3000 screens hindi version + tamil version + telugu version].DON 2 collect 15 crore where max would be approx 28 crore.How He become no 1 star?Salman Khan is no 1 star

    • Mr. R@bbe I understand you are a BIG Fan of Lallu Sallu…

      Before you pass such silly on SRK’s DON’2, you should check reviews on any of your favourite web-site or News-paper…

      As far as DON 2 report on Box-Office,… Its Doing Great.. and thing of 75crore bussiness in First Week.. Where you will get this reports for next many week…

      SRK’s DON 2 is not just bollywood’s Hit!! now an Internation Hit!!!!!

  6. The ultimate set of movie going population remains constant so increasing the no of screens does not really provide any advantage. So the business with 1800 screens is almost comparable with 3000 screens. The business of ready and bodyguard looks impressive only bcoz their colllection in single screen were far superior than don 2 which is made not at all for single screen masala category films so 75 cr domestic + 50 cr international is stupendous !!

  7. Don 2 is one of the best movie of SRK. movie should b appreciated by content instead of collections. There is no comparison between srk movie n salman movie.salman can do only masala movie but SRK everything which he has proved

  8. no 1 or not, but SRK is the only versatile artist of the hindi screen from the last 20 years. You put him in any place and he fits perfectly.

  9. don’t you srk fans forget this is hindi, tamil and telagu total combined and still it coulden’t beat dabangg’s 81crore week 1 and bodyguard 100crore first 7days total and that too in hindi

  10. mr. r@bbe don 2 has the highest non holiday friday collection…here sallu lacks…moreover collection doesnt make anybody no. 1….see salman’s acting….only one word…expressionless

  11. SRK vs Amit ji,
    SRK vs Hritik,
    SRK vs Aamir,
    SRK vs Akshaye,
    SRK vs Salman….. etc.
    now tell who is real king?

    so many competition but SRK still rules and ‘ll…

  12. Salman make movie with d budget of 40 to 50cr max and amir khan also make movie with the budget of 40 to 50cr.they both lallu khan dont have guts to make movie with the budget with more than 100cr.because they cant recover there investmen.only two actor in industry Srk(ra1 and don2) and Rajnikant(shivaji and robbot).have a guts to produce and making profit.Even Ra.1 not like by critics and even his fans..but the star power of srk movie managed to collect 174cr just 9 cr short of bodygaurd 183cr..salman and amir luck with there thats why there last few movies collecting 100cr.keep in mind that befor both amir blockbuster gajani was remake of south movie and 3 idiets was inspired by chetan bhagats book five point someone.Even no one know salman befor wanted and he is giving hit remaking south movie.but srk was king befor 20 year to till now.SRK ROCKS

  13. king khan ki movie har o insan dekhata hai chahe vo buddha ho,chahe o bachha ho,chahe o young boy ho,chahe o young girl ho,sabhi or sabhi log apani fimily ke sath king khan ki picture dekhate hai kyuki he is real king yoro king khan shahrukh khan

  14. Salman doesnt have a Class, SRK has,he is a worldwide super star
    sorry for Salman fans, but as far as i have seen,u will find stupid, illiterate,auto drivers,rikshaw pullers,Awara students like Salman,
    While the people who have brains and have a little bit sense of movies,like SRK
    SRK has been ruling bollywood since 1992,Salman started his SOUTH REMAKE CAREER from WANTED, he was the weakest OF ALL KHANS,
    so dont compare the king SRK with LALLU,
    as soon as the REMAKE saga goes out,SALLU will b back in his flop times

  15. for all salman’s fan, . .apart from last 3 movies. . he hasn’t provide any blockbaster or superhit in last 7 year. . so no comparison bet srk and salman. . . srk is ALLTIME SUPERSTAR

  16. Srk iz king nd he die wid dat status.
    So all sallu’s barking dog kp dat n ur mind
    nd if we talk abt movies plz dnt cmpre don 2 wid bodyguard.
    Bodyguard d movie wid no senses
    don2 d versatile movie by a versatile actor srk_d king
    d world know dat who iz famous den tom cruise
    so plz dnt compare srk wid nude salman

  17. oe hello 105 crore main banaya hua movie ne 250 crore gross garne chahiya superhit hone ke liye is ne to investment bhi nahi uthaya kaha ko superhit hone ko baat karte ho .75 crore gross means 35 crore goes to the producer

  18. Don2 makes 125.76 cr nett on the 1st week worldwide collection……… itz become the blockbuster..
    r@bbe made 25cr on the 2nd day, highest collection by any bollywood film in a single day…….so plzzz make another reaseon……….srk the king of bollywood……….& the face of bollywood in overseas market

  19. Dude, Bodyguard was released on EID (National Holiday) so it was able to collect 21 cr. on 1st day. Whereas Don 2 released on Working friday…So 15 Cr. is the best figure for any movie on Working Friday. Its more than READY also. Ra.One created hsitory by collecting 25 Cr. on 2nd day ……. So How come Salman Khan is No.1 star?????

  20. hi rabbe and sk. tell m one thing who knows salman before wantd.. srk have given losts of good film..
    kal ho na ho, rob ne banadi jodi ddlj , chak de india , and lost of. don 2 is already hit. let c will it be superhit or not.. if u consider about overseas response of salman and srk.. thn salman can stand .. u cant ignore.. srk is really talented.. he is no 1 ..also amir is no1 . both r in no 1. they r no 1 in their spac.. buit salman have to larn lot from both of them… he is no 5. after hrittik ranbir sahid..
    ven salman cant speck english fluently.. in a words salman is not smart guy.. i wot say about popularity of srk in bollyhood.. . ok

  21. srk u dnot see see acting salman not a actor only body public nobody watching movie watching i give actor name srk abc nan ifran u watch the actor movie i am no commet salman but ture is not actor he model

  22. DON 2 made 37.11 crore (US$7.05 million) nett in overseas over the weekend and collected 50.43 crore (US$9.58 million) nett in its first week.

    High Important : It was more than the combined collections of Dabangg, Bodyguard and Ready over that same time period.[

  23. abe,saikat tu pehle apni spelling check kar ki tu kya likh raha hai ,tujhe english to samajh nahi aati to mai hindi me likhta hun,aur tu kah raha hai ki salman ko kaun janta tha before wanted, tu nahi janta tha use matlab tu koi mahan nahi balki murkh tha waise bhi jhut bol raha hai, aur tu apni english check kar aur kisi padhe likhe se punch ki kya likha hai tune? and listen about salman’s film :hum aapke hain kaun blockbuster,baghi,bandhan,hum dil de chuke sanam,sanam bewafa,suryvanshi,etc.

  24. A big LOL to you guys… Salman K, and SRK both are indians, then why r u fighting yaar, in mauritius here, we’re damn fedup with salman’s bow bow bow movies, like you people call masala movies… In Mauritius, both salman n srk has the same level of respect as well as other big stars like amitabh ji and all… So cut the crap and start worrying on how you people can help eradicate poverty in India…

    Love live india…

  25. who ever u r telling salman khan is better actor than king khan should give attension to following points…
    1.king khan has maintained his superstarer image from his very first movie, but salman khan comes to the star mark after dabaang, just 2 year back, so he is seasonal, but king khan a burn ever green superstar..
    2. only SRK is compared with amitav ji, not amir or salman, that proves he is the only superstar after amitav.
    3.SRK is the only star to win prestigeous FILFARE AWARD maximum time even one more than amitav
    4.SRK is only star in the industy to maintain a live show which is extemper, can anyone match him,amir khan- he can’t even speak fluent english, or salman khan – he can’t even talk hindi fluentely
    5.he is the only star who gets the same level of dignity after amitav, if bollywood is our nation, amitav is the president &SRK is the PRIME MINISTER, who rules the bollywood
    6. only star whose fan club is all over the world,my name is khan proves this, despite of bane made by SIVSENA, in mumbai the film was a blockbluster
    i think this is enough for the SALLU & AMIR ‘S fans


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