Shah Rukh Khan's Don 2 is the ninth film to enter the exclusive Rs. 100 crore club.
Shah Rukh Khan's Don 2 is the ninth film to enter the exclusive Rs. 100 crore club.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Don 2 crossed the Rs. 100 crore all-India net box-office collections mark on Wednesday (January 4). The Farhan Akhtar film is the ninth Bollywood film to have entered the exclusive Rs. 100 crore club.


Don 2 collected Rs. 15 crore on the opening day (December 23), Rs. 49 crore in its first weekend and Rs. 75 crore in the first week. The film added another Rs. 19.16 crore over its second weekend, taking its 10-day total all-India net collections to Rs. 94.48 crore. It added the rest to cross the Rs. 100 crore mark from January 2 – 4. In all, the film breached the mark in 13 days. This places Don 2 at number six of the fastest grossing films in the Rs. 100 crore club.

Films Which Have Crossed Rs. 100 Crore (Net) Mark At Indian Box-Office

Position Movie Number of days
1 Bodyguard 8 days
2 3 Idiots 9 days
3 Ra.One (Hindi version only) 10 days
4 Dabangg 10 days
5 Ready 12 days
6 Don 2 13 days
7 Ghajini 16 days
8 Golmaal 3 17 days
9 Singham 37 days

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  1. Don won…no one can beat him…it will beat most of the films and make a superb record..srk increases d standard of bollywood..lallu boy beaten he will guard d body of the king being a bodyguard..hats off to srk for superb acting in don 2

    • Don2 came at No.6 and for u Don2 won? LoL.. !! Salman’s BODYGUARD is on top and leading the list, but for u Salman is defeated? LoL.. the competitor who came at No.6 is winner, and the one who is at No.1, is loser?? Yes, it can be possible… but only if u are a Sharuk khan fan… LoL..!! There are 3 movies (Bodyguard, Dabangg, Ready) of Salman which are ahead of Don2 but even though Salman lost to Sharuk?? Kya baat… kya baat… hats of to you yaar.. fan ho to aap jaisa..!!!

      • Don won because of the content in it and through a good box office not like non sense masala movies of salman khan..i dont even consider him a actor. can he ever do match upto hollywood standards.. he will remain d same..srk the king is back with a bang no one can beat him for his acting..did u get it lallu fans…..his movies are the worst ever and will create a separate chapter in the history of bollywood for WORST MOVIES

        • isay kehte hai kichad me galey tak dub ke bhi akad nahi gayi..!! Don2 is a losing factor but for gays and moron fans of SRK it won.. LoL! SRK is happy with only Hit, he didn’t try for Blockbuster because he learned his lesson with Ra.One (the worst film of bollwood history), SR-Gay the Dog tried his level best to defeat Salman at box office (he is such a jealous dog) but when he failed he never tried again with Don2 because he didn’t promote Dog2 as much as Ra.One. SRK already wrote a worst chapter in Bollywood by copying Dilip Kumar’s acting and by remaking Hindi films Devdas and Don again in same language Hindi.. LoL. A Don has no gang.. LoL.. Don himself goes for bank robbery and does all the hard work… can u imagine the real Don Dawood Ibrahim doing the same things which SRK the stupid did in Dog2?? Non sense and utter rubbish film is Dog2. when audience loved SRK’s Masala films OSO, RNBDJ etc.. that time where u gays were?? Masala or non-masala..its none of your business.. the most important thing is recognition at the Box Office and Salman creates magic at Box Office, which SRK and his gay/moron fans only can dream. Dog SRK’s crap fans will always say Salman’s films are worst and blah..blah..blah.. its obvious, but it doesn’t matter because when u monkeys (SRK fans) fail to beat Salman.. u search for other ‘bahana’ (alternatives) to defend ur monkey actor SR-Gay the Dog, u lost at box office and now u are trying to defame Salman’s legacy and Mega Power by chanting masala films, remake films etc… etc..; i will say stay away from Salman’s films, these are not for the stupid like u; Salman makes film as per audience demand and thats why the majority audience love him more than any other actor.. and that is the cause of ur jealousy.. LoL..!! maza aa raha hai.. aur chillao.. say more and more against Salman and his films.. but Salman ka ek bhi baal banka nahi kar paogay tum gay log.. har baar haartey rahogay… kyunki jalan (jealousy) se kabhi koi nahi jeet sakta, aur kisi ka kamyaabi rok nahi sakta.. sara zaman jaanta hai aur maanta bhi hai iss sach ko. u will always bark and make sound like SR-Gay speaks like goat… ayyyhhh….ayyyhhh….mayyyhhh….mayyyhhh… LoL… but Salman will never care for ur barking… u barking dogs will remain the same dogs and Salman will always move ahead…!!! who the hell are u to consider Salman as actor? SR-Gay cries for Hollywood fame.. but no one in Hollywood knows SR-Gay, Salman has lots of hollywood fans like Hollywood Superstars Gere Richard, Mila Jovovich, Salma Hayek, Silvestar Stallon, Ali Larter, Kim Kardashian etc.. and above all.. Salman is the only indian actor who did a Hollwood film as the main actor of the film (played the lead role in Hollywood film MARIGOLD). without Hollwyood standard.. Hollywood producers/directors approached Salman as the hero in their Hollywood film?? And the heroine of the film (Ali Larter) still misses Salman’s charisma and she longs to meet him again.. (check in youtube). SRK the Dog copies Hollywood films scenes in his films.. thats why he has Hollywood standard??? LoL.. u SR-Gay fans (gays) are so stupid and pointless donkeys….. your thoughts are ridiculous and utter rubbish u bloody fools.

      • Salman will be NO.1 from back also…. if we started taking into account all his movies…. in a career span of 23yrs if he dnt have even 10-12 movies about whc we can talk…. U cant call him no.1… ya he is a good entertainer… bt he dnt hv the credibility to represnt bollywood… in contrast to this SRK in his career span of 19yrs has more than 20 movies whc are outsatanding.1-2 yr cn make u bankable n bring in lot of offers to u… bt wnt make u no.1…u need to be consistent(whc salman nvr was). m sure he wl meet the same fate as akshay …..there was tym whn people like you started comparing SRK to akshay then amir then amitabh also…. N now it is salman…. hope in the comming yr we wl see Ranbir and Ranveer in the same sphere…. BUT 1 thing SRK will alwys be the reference.Bcz u you need to beat the King to be a king…n DON ko beat karna mushkil he nahi namumkin hai…..

        • Only 1 film DDLJ is classic for SRK and that one also came as a copy formula of Hum Aapke Hai Koun; SRK got his 1st classic film after 3 years of his debut; but Salman started his career with the bang, the mega All Time Blockbuster and Superb Romantic Classic ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’, this is a record and the best start to film career by any actor; Salman is succesful in all genre films like Romantic Maine Pyar Kiya, Sanam Bewafa, Saajan, Hum Apke Hai Kaun, Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya etc..; Family Drama films like Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, Hum Saath Saath Hai, Chori Chori Chupke Chupke, Baghbaan etc..; Tragedy films like: Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Tere Naam etc..; Action films like Karan Arjun, Garv, Wanted, Dabangg, Bodyguard etc..; and Comedy films like Andaz Apna Apna, Judwa, Biwi No.1, Mujhse Shadi Karogi, Partner and Ready. And SRK is succesful only in Romantic roles and ‘rone-dhone’ wala roles but totally flopped in Action and Comedy (Comedy id the most difficult acting because u can make people cry very easily but making people laugh is the most difficult art as u have to know the trick and timings) and SRK’s all comedy films are disaster like Baadshah, One 2 Ka 4, Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani etc..!! Salman had been ruling Bollywood since his 1st film Maine Pyar Kiya (1989) and had been super succesful until 1999; but from the year 2000 to 2009 Salman faced almost a bad phase of his career because of his personal life controversies and media’s paid negative publicity against him, even though he saw some major success in Tere Naam, Mujhse Shadi Karogi, Garv, Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya, and Blockbusters No Entry and Partner, in that period (from 2000 to 2008) I will not hesitate to say the truth that Shahrukh was defeating Salman, but by paying media to say against Salman, and as i said Salman also had faults because of his personal issues. but from 2009 the Megastar of Bollywood, The Emperor of Bollywood, The Tiger. The Sher Khan, The true ruler of Bollywood Mr. Salman Khan back with the bang with WANTED and the regime re-established again with the record breaking & history creating 3 back to bakc centuries at box office and a Hat-trick of All Time Blockbusters with Dabangg, Ready and Bodyguard. SRK became jealous and tried his best to defeat Salman with Ra.One but when he failed, he gave up thats why he didn’t promote Don2 as much as he promoted Ra.One and this is the proof of Salman’s legacy, Salman’s supremacy, Salman’s rule in Bollywood, Salman’s Charisma & Craze, Salman’s Mega-stardom.. Yaha bhi ho gaya waha bhi ho gaya, ab toh sarey jahan me ho gay… kya? Bhaijaan ka Jalwa. Now Salman gets Rs.50 Cr per film (5 times more than SRK’s payment per film); Yashraj film is known as SRK’s home but Yashraj also approached Salman and they gave Rs.30 Cr to him for Ek Tha Tiger, same Yashraj gives SRK only Rs.6 Cr per film; SRK’s best friend and gay-partner Karan Johar also approachd Salman for his next film and offered Rs.50 Cr (Karan pays Rs.10 Cr to SRK per film). in TV shows also Salman established his supremacy, he takes Rs.4 Cr per episode and SRK takes only Rs.80 Lakh to Rs.1 Cr per episode. So these all are the proof of Salman’s power (there are a lot more but i only mentioned the major power). So the SRK fans (monkies, gays, dogs and morons) will always bark against Salman.. u gays will always say SRK is the best as ur star says about himself (no great men in history ever said they are best but SRK praises himself.. LoL that proves how cheap he is), i never heared Sachin Tendulkar, Lata Mangeshkar, Amitabh Bachchan, Dilip Kumar, A.R. Rehman, APJ Abdul Kalam etc… great people praising themselves but this shameless dog SRK…!!! What ever u talk against Salman and in favour of SRK is all rubbish and it doesn’t matter, because public’s love is always with Salman The Tiger and they (public) prove it every time iat Box Office.. that matters.

      • don2 won coz itz a movie we can believe that the story of the movie can happen but we cannot believe on nonsense thingz shown in bodyguard ,ready n dabang coz we feel so unrealastic coz of the stuntz of salman who no one can do .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Don2 and story can be believed..??? LoL.. joke of the century..!! A Don goes himself to do robery in bank? Can u imagine the real don Dawood Ibrahim goes to bank and do all the hard work to rob a a bank?? Don 2 and relalistic? My foot. Don fights with 10-15 heavy weight well built muscle men with Don’s monkey body??? LoL.. and u morons can’t beilive a lion’s figure Salman can defeat 7-8 villians?? The movies’ box office collection is the proof, which films people liked more and believed more. Don to is a cheap joke but idiots, brainless morons will like that type of crap films.. the name DOG2 will suit more because the don is don2 looks like a Dog.

      • srk hsa 2 films crossing 100 crore – ra1 and don2 though salman may have 3 films but except dabangg all others were super flop and because of eid release they earned so much . .srks film breaks record overseas but salmans film do not even release overseas as no one outside india knows him . truly king khan is srk


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