Box Office - Sayonee brings in over 25 lakhs in 2 days
Sayonee Box Office: Brings In Over 25 Lakhs In 2 Days ( Photo Credit – IMDB )

Sayonee was the new release this Friday, apart from re-release of Fastey Fasaatey and stuck-in-the-cans affair Omprakash Zindabad. Released at 378 screens and playing at 897 shows, Sayonee actually managed to gain a far wider release than what it may have managed had it come in the pre-COVID era and amidst major competition.

The film hadn’t seen any promotion whatsoever and the awareness was nil. Hence, its haul of 25 lakhs* in two days is also actually not that bad. An even lesser number was expected in trade and hence the fact that there have been some sort of footfalls is fair enough.



The film saw a decent release in multiplexes as well, though this one is mainly a single screen affair. However, considering the fact that single screens are not yet operating and it’s the multiplexes which have still managed to open their doors at a screen or two meant that Sayonee found some sort of audience for itself.

The film doesn’t really have much of a face value and even from content perspective it doesn’t have much to offer. However, in the current times any footfalls are good footfalls and the fact that at least something has come is a reason good enough to acknowledge the effort.

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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