Salman Khan's Eid Successes
Better With Every Eid: Salman Khan inWanted, Bodyguard and Dabangg.

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s popularity seems to be growing by leaps and bounds every year. Let’s take a look at the box-office performance of  the actor’s  last three Eid releases: Bodyguard (2011), Dabangg (2010) and Wanted (2009).

Salman Khan’s Bodyguard – Box-Office So Far


Bodyguard, released on Eid this year (August 31), collected  a record-breaking Rs. 20.5 crore (net) on the opening day. On the day 2, the film collected Rs. 17.50 – 18 crore. Eid and Salman Khan are proving to be a hit combination as the film’s 5-day weekend’s collections  could cross Rs. 80 crore net.

Salman Khan’s Dabangg – Biggest Hit Of 2010

Dabangg, which was the biggest hit of 2010, had also released on Eid (September 10, 2010). Salman Khan’s lovable cop-character, Chulbul Pandey, drew both, the masses and the classes, to the box-office windows. While the film took an enviable opening of Rs. 14.35 crore, the first (3-day) weekend yielded Rs. 48.70 crore. What’s more, the opening week broke all previous records, save that of 3 Idiots, and clocked an impressive Rs. 81 crore! The Salman Khan starrer continued to do well in it’s second week also, collecting another Rs. 35 crore.

Salman Khan’s Wanted – Eid Fever All The Way

Wanted, on the other hand released during Ramzan (September 18, 2009) but collections picked up significantly on and after Eid (September 20). While the opening day’s collections were only Rs. 5.5 crore, the film completed the weekend with Rs. 16 crore. The action flick went on to net Rs. 34 crore in its first week at the box-office. It further added another Rs. 20 crore to its kitty by the end of the second week.

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  1. Wanted was a better film no doubtbut dabangggggg was a over rated film.uska story kuch special nehi tha atleast 150 crore business karna to bilkul nehi tha yeh to public hai jo Salman ke naam pe film dekhti hai or hit banati hai.aur ek baat sab log Salman ke praise kar rahe hai mera sawal hai pichle 20 saalon mein Salman ne kya kiya accept Wanted,Dabanggggg,Bodyguard,Ready sirf yeh 4 film.aur yeh 4 film le kar woh SRK ko beat karna chahta hai.thats impossible becoz Salman kabhi bhi SRK se barkar kuch nehi ban sakta kabhi bhi nehi.Amir 3 idiots,SRK MNIK tese films had very good stories but Dabangg,ready,bodygurd is poor but what can i say people dont praise salman OVER SRK be logical.ek abhi abhi star bana hai aur ek pichle 20 saal se star hai.

    • yes ..dabangg was nothin new..i doesnt deserve 142 cr.
      movies like singham , don , murder 2 , my name is khan , golmaal 3 , once upon a time in mumbai were way better than dabangg and bodyguard ! salman is no better actor !

    • @ Sameer : Are u trying to say dat salman is a new star after consecutive 4 hits since 2009 ??? Ok friend let me inform u about salman’s career till 2009. Maine pyar kiya salman’s 1st fim broke all da box office records was the bigggest grosser till date. earned 140000000+ It was a unmatchable romantic story. many dialogues,songs, salman’s look brought revolution in bollywood. He changed the trend of action movies &set standard of a class romantic movie with dis movie. of course it is all-time blockbuster. Then his next 4 releases : Baaghi, patthar ke phool, sanam bewafa,kurbaan all of them were consecutive boxoffice success. then his another major hit Saajaan shared with sanju was another trendsetting movie. Can u tell me of any other actor who started with dis kind of craze N success ??? ok then lets talk about Hum aapke hain kaun. Only all-time blockbuster is not enough to describe about this movie. it ran for more than 10 years on box office. it was 1st major overcease success of any bollywood movie. This movie attracted class people in the theatres again. One of the best made & most watched hindi collected almost 70 cr then.srk’s MNIK collected 72 cr in 2010. Lollz. It’s lifetime adjusted collection is more dan 3 idiots. Only sholay is ahead of this movie. Karan arjun 1995- Blockbustr. Khamoshi-1996- Hugely acclaimed bythe critics. Jeet-1996- boxoffice success. JUDWAA1997- Superhit.Pyar kiya toh darna kiya-1997- superhit- created craze again amongst the youngsters. Oh oh jane jana. Bandhan-1998-Suerhit. Biwi No. 1- 1998- Biggest blockbuster of that year. 1999- hum saath saath hain- superhit, Hum dil de chukhe sanam- superhit and again hugely acclaimed by the critics. He became superstar within 10 years even before that !!! 2000- hardil jo pyar karega- Box office success. 2001- chori chorichupke chupke- HIT & accaimed by the critics. 2003- Tere Naam- Hit ( His performance was out of the word and the movie was acclaimed b the critics & radhe mohan character was a craze amongst the youngsters) Baghvan- blockbuster. GarV- Hit. Mujhse shadi karoge- Superhit. 2004-Lucky- no time for love Hit Nad acclaimed by the critics. Mayne pyar kyun kiya- Superhit. 2005- No Entry – Biggest blockbuster of that year.Kyonki- Critically acclaimed movie.2006- Jaan E maan- one of the best critically acclaimed movie of that year. Salaam e ishq- Overcease superhit. 2007- Partner- One of the biggest blockbuster of 2007. Now tell me Is he a new born star ? Undoubtedly Salman Khan gave most hno. Of hits since last 20 years.

    • mujhe pata tha mere comment ke baad mujhe gali jarur paregi but never mind jinke pas logic nehi hai woh gali dete hai….Suraj aap jo koi bhi ho aap kaun se khandan se belong karte ho woh sab k pata chal gaya.main koi gali nehi dunga but fact is SRK is the best

      • @ Sameer : In ur previous comment u said that salman Is a ew star. On reply of that comment I posted a comment. I hope U read it & come to know the truth. i dnt know da fact but i feel dat u’re following bollywood only from last few years. It is true that Sallu was going through bad phaase from 2005-2008 ( With only 2 blockbuster : No Entry , Partner ). But It does not brng much difference in his super stardom. He became superstar even far before that. Srk debuted In bollywood in 1992 i guess & it will be surprising for u dat Sallu had 1 All-TIME-BLOCKBUSTER ( MPK) 1 BLOCKBUSTER( Saajan) & 4 Hits( Baaghi, Sanam bewafa, Patthar ke Phool & Qurbaan) Before SRK debuted !!! (1992). So without knowing anything abot Sallu’s career please don’t mention anything illogical. he’s a superstar from the very beginnning of his career. I wn’t deny dat SRk is a true super star too. But each of them has their own way of actinng, movies. According to u SRK is da Best. But U can’t deny sallu’s superstardom anyhow. Shahid kapoor debuted 11 years ago. still he doesnot have dat much successfull movies what sallu had within 3-4 years !!! If u do not know or do not believe what Im ssaying den go to sallu’s wikipedia box ffice india, bollywood hungama & many other websites, who work with bollywood boxoffice history. I don’t have any problem if u say SRK is da best. I hav a problem when u said : ek abhi abhi star bana hai aur ek pichle 20 saal se star hai. It’s totally illogical & pointless comment.

    • Suraj bhai dont get angry on Sameer, he is like the frog in the well who thinks his world is the only world. Suraj bhai keep your cool dont spoil your tounge for stupid people like Sameer.


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