Roar and Super Naani both had a dull week. Both films maintained a poor performance all through the week but comparatively Roar performed better than Super Naani.

'Roar' and 'Super Nani' Movie Posters
‘Roar’ and ‘Super Nani’ Movie Posters

Super Naani after having a highly dull start, had no takers in multiplexes and single screens both. The film received a poor critics responses and also since it had a low buzz, it was expected to fall flat. The film in its first week run collected a mere 5 crores. The film is no more in the running in the second week.

Roar on the other hand held up well. The film in its first week run collected 8 crores. It started off on an average note and considering that the film had a unique story line, managed to pull a little audiences. The film could have done even better if not for competition from Happy New Year that was obviously the first choice by a long distance. The good part is that the Kamal Sadanah film has been noticed for the attempt it has turned out to be and the kind of effort that has gone into it.

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