Roar Movie Poster
Roar Movie Poster

Rating: 0/5 Stars (Zero star)

Star Cast: Abhinav Shukla, Himarsha V, Achint Kaur, Subrat Dutta, Virendra Singh Ghuman, Nora Fatehi, Ali Quli, Aaran Chaudhary, Aadil chahal, Pranay Dixit, Pulkit Jawahar

Director: Kamal Sadanah

What’s Good: Well, that’s very inappropriate question to ask when a film crosses the purview of horrid.

What’s Bad: The research facts primarily are incorrect, logic obviously goes for a toss, the actors aren’t clearly the best thing about the film and mostly the C-grade, unrequired skin show in the film which is unintentionally hilarious.

Loo break: Don’t be in the loo. Coz Cult Bad Must Not Be Missed!

Watch or Not?: Roar is such a bad film that despite going in with no expectations, it shocks you at being utterly stupid. It’s a shamelessly lazy film and comes with no merits of its own. And in the end, it’s the kind of film that will make you laugh and serve as fodder for the guys behind ‘pretentious movie reviews’. Like Gunda is for posterity in the ranks of cult bad, Roar has the same fabric but misses the genius of being originally awful. This film stinks of un-intelligence and sheer lameness and is pretty much a time waste for any cinegoer unless you desire to get stoned and trip on a horrid film.

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A young photo journalist Uday, rescues a white tiger cub from Sundarbans. But has to submit him back to the forest authorities. Later that day, the young guy is slain by the tigress whose cub it was and Uday’s body is not to be found anywhere. Uday’s brother Pundit, a commando in the army, decides on avenging his brother’s death by killing the tigress.

An attack team is called and a plan is hatched. But with the tigress being ounces more powerful than them put together, the team scrambles under the power of the tigress. One after the other falls prey to her attack. Whether Pundit kills her and avenges the death of all who she killed or does he get humanity to stand tall over the animal instincts, which separates our clan from theirs?

Still from movie 'Roar'
Still from movie ‘Roar’

Roar Review: Script Analysis

When the film began it was merely offensive. After all, a bunch of army men launch a full blown operation to kill a white tiger in the Sundarbans. But then the unintentional humor takes over and everytime the tiger eats up a man, you woot! It is one of those films which doesn’t want to waste its precious energies at being logical. It’s fine with being lame and grating. The women have deliberately decided on not wearing much clothes. The distinctly suggestive wardrobe of its female characters seemed like a trap to get a good section of the single screen audiences to hit the screens. No, they don’t care two hoots about the tigers in the film but the ladies in the film have performed enough crowd-pulling stunts.

The story walks on a very thin line and advances aimlessly. The sudden change of heart of a group of bloodthirsty people who have come to avenge the death of their month and are intending to have a face off with a tigress. The logic why Sundarban tigers are becoming maneaters is flimsy because though tigers eat dead humans, they prefer hunting their meat. A specific shot of a wild boar irked me. A bunch of aggressive hunters who come from a very primitive thought background wrote this film.

Coming to the lack of I.Q, there apparently is one, not very competent forest officer incharge of Sundarbans Reserve. She functions alone in saving tigers and doesn’t have a team. Besides these visible problem, the story doesn’t cover the entire gamut of poaching that is a bigger problem of Sundarbans than tigers killing people. Written in a preachy tone, with enough discrepancies, the film’s pivotal problem is it goes thoroughly wrong towards the climax where the unconvincing change of heart kills the plot. Not that it was going impeccably till then but the fatal blow killed the unadulterated crappy fun that the film was offering. The last 20 minutes of the film was horribly comatose incurring variety of boring.

Roar Review: Star Performances

I wish I had a kind word to say about any actor in the film. But none were good enough to even stand a chance of being memorable.

Abhinav Shukla is all handsome and tries to the brink of futility to act well. While his forte is clearly playing the mush man on television, despite all the machismo, he fails.

Himarsha as Jhumpa lacked earnestness of finesse.

Achint Kaur in her thankless role worked well but she is better than a 4 scene actress and needs to grab better parts in better films.

Subrat Dutta played sly and wicked Bheera well. Given his background makes such roles come easier to him but then again a role in a film this bad cannot yield a better reaction from anyone.

The rest are all forgettable actors who need to strive a long way to go before rising to the ranks of anything good.

Roar Review: Direction, Editing and Screenplay

Had it been marketed as a cinematographic piece, the film would have seemed more genuine but the fatal problem lies in the fact that the film claims to tell an enticing story and kills you while at it. Kamal Sadanah has reinvented trash cinema with such flair. Visibly smoldering girls fighting in cat fight moves and another entry shot of a tracker coming out of water all suggest that the women in this film were briefed to be hot, show skin and dance like they are their highest point of libido. The rest of the film is a massacre of any cinegoer who ventures into it and takes it seriously. I learnt it quite early in the film that the more you try to wreck your brains about analyzing, the more will you entangle your brains. It’s epic trash film, treat it accordingly.

Roar Review: The Last Word

I am glad Roar could atleast make me laugh. Because the film is so pointless that it doesn’t serve anything it attempts to or thought of achieving. In the end, you come out with both a headache from all the stupidity you had to witness and a stomach ache from all the laughing. I am going with a zero. I wasted enough time writing about my harrowing experience and stars aren’t needed beyond that.

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Roar releases on 31st October, 2014.

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