This week will see the release of 3 noticeable Hindi releases i.e. Fryday, Helicopter Eela and Tumbbad at the Box-Office. Talking about FryDay first, the film stars Govinda and Varun Sharma in lead and is a comic caper which according to the makers is an ode to the 90’s style of film-making. The theatrical trailer was unveiled recently, however due to lack face value and star-power, it didn’t really get noticed among the cine-goers. Govinda is not really the star that he was 15 years back, rather by associating himself with horrible films over the last few years, his star value has kept on deteriorating. As things stand currently, the chances of FryDay to succeed looks extremely bleak until and unless the reports are phenomenal. The movie is looking to open in the range of Rs 0.50 to 1.25 crore at the domestic Box-Office, which is nothing but a poor start.


The second release of the week is Helicopter Eela starring Kajol in lead. The film would end up being the highest grossing film among all that are releasing this week, however that wouldn’t really be an achievement. The movie is riding on Kajol’s pull among the multiplex audience and is looking to take an opening in the range of Rs 1.25 to 2.00 crore and if the reports are positive, the biz should pick up over the weekend leading to a fair three-day total. The buzz isn’t really there which makes this film totally dependent on the audience word of mouth, however even for that to happen, the people should visit the cinema hall to watch the film.

Hype Meter: A Dull Friday With FryDay, Helicopter Eela, Tumbbad On Box-Office Prediction Scale!
Hype Meter: A Dull Friday With FryDay, Helicopter Eela, Tumbbad On Box Office Prediction Scale!


The third release of the week is Tumbbad which though looks extremely interesting and exciting from the trailer, doesn’t really have an audience in India due to lack of face value and commercial elements. The film, which is essentially a thriller, stars Sohum Shah in lead. Tumbbad will be targeting the audience at the high-end multiplexes, but to be honest it is extremely difficult for the film to embark on-to a start that would build a platform to grow and reach a respectable total over the weekend. The opening of Tumbbad is expected to be around Rs 0.25 crore to 0.50 crore, however the movie should touch the Rs 1 crore mark on Sunday if the pre-release reports are positive.

On the flip side, AndhaDhun is expected to fair better than all the three Hindi releases in its second weekend and pose a strong total at the Box-Office. The word of mouth around the film is outright positive and the same has ensured that thriller is a “Lambi Race Ka Ghoda”


Hype Meter: 1.5 on 5

Prediction: Rs 0.50 to 1.25 crore

Helicopter Eela:

Hype Meter: 2 on 5

Prediction: Rs 1.25 to 2.00 crore


Hype Meter: 1.50 on 5

Prediction: Rs 0.25 to 0.50 crore



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