Amidst the Vikas Bahl sexual assault controversy taking place, there have been multiple fingers being pointed at his Phantom co-founder Anurag Kashyap for staying silent the entire time despite knowing Vikas’ true side. As every action has an equal and opposite reaction, there’s something similar seen in Anurag’s case who has stepped down as the Board member of MAMI (Mumbai Academy Of Moving Image) owing to the aforesaid reason.


Anurag Kashyap took to his twitter to share multiple tweets keeping his side of the story. His series of tweets can be seen here:

Anurag Kashyap Steps Down As Mami board Member, Lets His Heart Out Through A Series Of Tweets!
Anurag Kashyap Steps Down As MAMI’s Board Member, Lets His Heart Out Through A Series Of Tweets!

1st Tweet:

Kashyap’s first tweet announced his steppng back. He tweeted, “In the light of the current events , I have decided to step back from my duties as a board member from MAMI until the shadow of doubt of our alleged complicitness in silence and not doing anything about it , is cleared.”

2nd Tweet:

He also cleared that he has not been silent about the sexual assault by Vikas on one of the Phatom employee in 2015, and it was she, herself, who decided not to take a legal course of action. He also previously went onto apologize to her.

“On the other hand I vehemently deny to have stayed silent on the issue & not doing anything about it for years. Can’t explain further to people who don’t understand due process, legalities. Have been resilient through all accusations , keep flinging them my way.”

3rd Tweet:


4th Tweet:

5th Tweet:

6th Tweet:

Moreover, he mentioned that in all his past interaction with the opposite sex, he’s learnt about consent and the ways of expressing it.

7th Tweet:

8th Tweet:

9th Tweet:

It is evident from Anurag’s tweet to how much he’s been regretting the actions as an individual, and whatever kind of environment that women in our country facing today, is clearly bothering. He also apologized “for being a man”.

10th Tweet:

The filmmaker has changed his Twitter Display and cover photo to a plain black background. As mentioned, until the allegations of being silent are cleared, he isn;t planning to resume as the board member of MAMI. We can only hope for the negative air to clear as soon as possible, and things to get back to normal. Alebit, the Me Too movement happening is clearly a revolution for a country. All thanks to Tanushree Dutta!



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