Here's Why Francis Ford Coppola Insisted On Keeping A Bit Different Title Of The Godfather
Francis Ford Coppola Insisted On Keeping A Bit Different Title Of The Godfather, Deets Inside (Pic credit – Getty Images / Francis Ford Coppola )

The Godfather is a gem of cinema and we couldn’t thank enough for its creation. The cult classic is a perfect example of dedicated efforts in each department leads to a polished product. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, the slick crime drama had Marlon Brando and Al Pacino in lead roles.

The film has a subtle approach of filmmaking for a noir genre and that’s where the beauty lies. With limited yet impactful dialogues and multilayered scenes, Coppola presented a never-seen-before tale of the crime world. Upon its release, the film achieved several milestones and even today finds its place amongst the best in the world.



Being such a great piece of art, The Godfather has plenty to dictate about its success story, but in today’s Fact-O-Meter’s piece we’ll be taking a look at the story behind its title. As we mentioned in a headline, director Francis Ford Coppola had insisted on keeping a bit different title for the film and not just, The Godfather. He was keen to lock ‘Maria Puzo’s The Godfather’. Let us explain it to you why.

The Godfather was based on 1969’s best-selling novel of the same which was written by Mario Puzo. Also, Puzo had co-written a screenplay for the film. Due to such important roles, Francis Ford Coppola was keen to give credit to Puzo. But as we all know, Puzo didn’t get his name in the final title. Interestingly, Coppola had successfully fought for keeping puppet strings’ logo of the film which had Puzo’s mention. Initially, the studio had plans of scrapping the logo too.

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Meanwhile, earlier, we even took a look at another lesser-known fact of the film which was related to Marlon Brando. We learnt that it used to take three long hours to transform Marlon Brando to don Vito Corleone for the film. And as a special touch for that Bulldog look, steel dentures were fixed in the lower teeth area of the actor.

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