Dhoom 3 has done it. After being hyped to the sky, especially in last couple of months, a core expectation from the film was to score heavily. This is what actually happened when the film started his journey with a record breaking start. With over 33 crore coming in on the first day, and that too with just the Hindi version, the film broke the record created by Chennai Express just a few months back.

The difference though lied in the fact that while the Shah Rukh starrer had managed that on Eid holiday, Aamir Khan enjoyed this feat on a non-holiday.

Aamir Khan in a still from Dhoom 3
Aamir Khan in a still from Dhoom 3

Such huge was the benchmark set by the film on the very first day that there had to be some fall in collections on Saturday. However, the film saw a surge on Sunday which saw huge moolah coming in. As a result, the film managed to come in the vicinity of the 100 crore mark, hence turning out to be a quick and huge money spinner all the way. The actuals are still being compiled and will be updated soon.

With this, Dhoom 3 has made a record of entering the coveted 100 crore club in just 3 Days, beating SRK starrer Chennai Express that entered the club after adding its paid previews collections!

There is some more fun awaited, what with a very huge Christmas holiday round the corner on Wednesday. That would ensure yet another major day in the upwards of 20 crore which would be immense indeed for this Aditya Chopra production. The way film is going, while 200 crore is given, the challenge would be to cross the 226 crore total of Chennai Express.

The film has received largely positive reviews for its fun quotient though a few critics have kept it in the average range due to various unbelievable episodes that fill in the film. However the fact remains that for a large section of audience, this Vijay Krishna Acharya directed film has worked and even for those it hasn’t, a theatrical visit has ensured good enough footfall to result in some high numbers already. With no major release for a fortnight, Dhoom 3 would continue to create Dhoom at the box office.

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  1. This is Aamir star power in any commercial project…
    Haters are burning badly…
    Somebody will arrange ambulance for them.

  2. Now, Thats what u call power of Mr.Perfectionist. The haters were there during Talaash and they are still here during D3 just that they hv gone silent. First man to create 100 cr. Club, first man to create 200 cr.club and now the 300 cr. Club isnt far away. Haters where are you?

  3. Its not the challenge would be to cross the 226 crore, Now we are looking for create 300 cr. club and new trend in bollywood.

  4. Chhota Bomb.. Bada Dhamaka… Thats Aamir Khan for you ladies & gentlemen..!! The Brian Lara of Bollywood, when Mathew Hayden broke Lara’s record of 375 runs in Test cricket (Hayden made 380 after 10 years of Lara’s record).. but then Lara crated another record within 6 months of his old record crossed by Hayden, Lara came with a magnificent 400*. Aamir Khan is doing the same, 4 years back his ‘3 idiots’ made record by making 202 Crore, when ticket price was Rs.150 (average price), and 1 US Dollar was equal to Rs.45 and 3 idiots was shown only on 1600 screens, but after 4 years SRK broke the record with 3500 screens while Rupee was at weakest level of history 1 US Dollar was equal to Rs.68, and Ticket price was Rs.500 (average price), now if any one who has economic knowledge or business/accountancy knowledge, then he can tell u that did Chennai Express actually broke the record of ‘3 idiots’! Anyways.. in normal view Chennai Express has broken the record of 3 idiots.. and media was also telling the same by calling SRK is King and regained his throne (LoL), they forgot that the genius called Aamir Khan is still not retired from making films.. and there it is… Mr. Perfectionist comes to u with a bang… Dhoom machaaleyyyy… Dhoom machaaleyy.. Dhoom Machaaley… Dhoom…Dhoom…Dhoom!! He is the history creator… and then all other stars try their best to break his record and their stupid fans become arrogant, egoistic and start giving over reactions.. like the Australian fans including Ricky Ponting… when Mathew Hayden broke Lara’s record… but Aamir Khan has shut the mouth of those arrogant morons same as Brian Charles Lara did with the Aussies. Dhoom Machaaley…!!! Jai Ho..!!!

  5. @arvind khan for first 7 days ce screens were more than 3 idiots but after 7 day screens of 3 idiots were more than ce and it was increasing weak by weak where ce screens were decreasing and about 3500 screens and 4500 screens these(4500 screens are by yrf) and with ce there were other smale realeses

    • ce has very big opening than the 3 idiots and in 4 years ticket price also incresed dude so dont compare these two movies , n aamir can break every record n he prooved it , now wait for again some years to reach at that level for the srk..

  6. Aamir is d most historic n talented actor,fr a long tym….He manages to put al his effortz wel indeed in evry characterz based on the story line…N makz his way towardz perfctn…He deserves diz DHOOM DhoOM SuperhiT …..Guyz!!
    350 cr. + iz mah xpctatN… ;-)

  7. As per my openinion Dhoom 3 is very bakwas movie as per the expectation…ticket prices are double as compared to Chennai express…in 3 days with 4500 screen Amir made 100 crore whereas SRK made 100cr with 3500 screen with ticket prices half as a Dhoom 3…if we consider ticket price as 250 and screens would have 3500 for dhoom 3 then collection would have in the range of 50cr in 3 days means a normal collection….definately from today crowd will be less to see the movie… CE or Krish 3 record will not get break ….even though there is no slot for any movie for 15 days Dhoom 3 will earn max 150-180cr…

    • i think ur analysis is very bad , cant u even see the records r broken , but i m feeling pity on u coz u r a gay fan n cant tolerate tht anyone surpassed u , but face the reality.

  8. to chennai express aur krrish kaun si achchhi movie hai…
    dono ek dum bakwas hai…phir bhi 200crore paar hai… why not dhoom3


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