Despite receiving mixed reviews from film critics, Dhoom 3 still received an overwhelming box office response. Due to its slick action and especially the hit Dhoom franchise, the film went down really well with the audiences both in domestic as well as overseas circuit.

Aamir Khan in a still from Dhoom 3
Aamir Khan in a still from Dhoom 3

On its 3rd Monday, Dhoom 3 managed to rake in approx 2.50 crores at the Domestic Box Office, taking its total collections to 269 crores nett so far.

The film will start witnessing a drop on Friday as it will lose out good amount of screens to a big film like Dedh Ishqiya and Divya Kumar’s debut directorial Yaariyan, that is releasing this week. Nevertheless, by the end of its 3rd week, the movie is expected to touch the 275 crores nett, for sure!

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    • 300cf Not possible. . Es friday ko new releases hongi phir Dhoom3 1-2 cr b nhi karpayegi. Lifetime maximum 270-275cr hee hoskte hain Bas…

  1. this record is very hard to break… It can only happen if salman does aamir’s 3idiots kind of script backed with sharukh’s chennai express kind of promotion

  2. Dhoom 3 without competition with big movies on 3rd Monday: 2.50 Crores.
    Chennai Express with competition with movies like OUATIMD and Madras Cafe on 3rd Monday: 1 Cr.
    There was huge competition from the above movies still chennai express earned 1 Cr. While without any big competions from movies like sholay 3d and Mr Joe B Carvalho, Dhoom 3 earning just 2.50 Cr. Shame on the movie
    Its clear which is best movie. and who is best actor

  3. Hav indians got mad?? Bakwas movis are alyz earning and real nice movis are gettng low. It was bhag milkha bhag, burfi, raanjana who should have earned 200+ not some dhoom which have a childlish story and cartonish stunts. Better watch the anime episods.

  4. Not impressive. 3 Idiots made 5 times opening weekend.
    Dhoom only 2 times+. CE crore factor is 2.26, Krissh 2.4 and Dhoom 3 with zero competition 2.7. Same to same!

  5. dhoom 3 is the best bollywood action movie i have ever seen no one can fault it if u find anything wrong with it then u r insane and a mental hospital should b called immediately

  6. movie is v.v good aamir acting in both part is exceptional, music awesome but one stunt where bike change in jet sky & converted again in bike is not acceptable from aamir movies but it’s a film not reality we saw many unbelievable stunt in hollywood movies & appreciate them I’m not Indian I’m from pak & i thk we Asian have a complex not accepted different things from our country but foreigners did the same thing we appreciate them i thk we need to chg our thinking….!

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