Chennai Express ended its one week run at the box office with great vigor. The film on Thursday collected 19.60 crores and with that its total collections summed up to 156.60 crores at the domestic box office.

Shah Rukh Khan And Deepika Padukone  in Chennai Express Movie stills
Shah Rukh Khan And Deepika Padukone in Chennai Express Movie stills

The Rohit Shetty film has now claimed for itself the tag of highest first week collections recorded by a film! The film has also crossed the 200 crore mark, as it made a stupendous 209.60 crores worldwide collections in its first week.

Chennai Express might see a deterring in its growth now as the film is faced with Akshay Kumar starrer OUATIMD at the box office. However, Chennai Express with its benefit of an earlier start is expected to perform well in its second week too!

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(all-India net collections)




6.05 cr

Delhi -UP

3.75 cr


1.35 cr

CP Berar

1.15 cr


0.69 cr


1.16 cr


1.28 cr


1.40 cr

Tamil Nadu/Kerala

0.90 cr

West Bengal

1.05 cr


0.45 cr


0.12 cr


0.22 cr


19.60 cr

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  1. King khan is back… sallu ab tum chupke raho tumhari to bolti band hogai na hahaha…… sharukh u r a king of bollywood forever

  2. Of couse it’s awesome.chennai express is a movie that has all like cracking comedy,awesome action in the climax,srk-dipi’s lovely cemistry.No word to describe the hotness of the film

  3. Srk has his first 125+cr movie after working so long in bollywoog (21 years) he should thank Rohit Shetty for that and he called himself king, if he is king then Salman definately is SuperKing ‘cuz he has EkThaTiger 198+cr, Dabangg2 160+cr, Dabangg 145+cr, Bodyguard 142+cr,

  4. it is contract between bala jee & utv that CE will reduce it screen space 20% on thursday but on friday it will reduce more than 40% screen space to Outim today Outim2 will release in morethan 2600 screen.the business be might up for Outim2 & definetly low down for CE because its screen reduced to 2000.

  5. Families usually prefer to watch a movie in the evening. But for Chennai Express, due to reduced number of shows they are opting for day shows. Today I went to book in advance at our local theater, but they had reduced the shows to 2, only Afternoon and Matinee. So family guys, middle aged people, hell even old ones who actually thought to watch the evening show with family after knowing that there will be OUATIMD during evening, chose to watch the Matinee show of CE instead. I am gonna watch it today for the 8th time in from 3-6 pm. I am not any regular fan, I am THE SRK FAN, the Don and King of Bollywood.

    Love you SRK and Love you all SRK supporters. A big hug to all of you.

  6. I went to watch this movie on the first day with high expectations. It started with bit slow (warm-up) as Rahul’s grandpa was preparing to get out at 99 ! But, once SRK board the train (chennai express), the movie entered in a different world. As the train accelerated, the movie was moving fast and amazingly entertaining. I realized that the movie has ended only after watching the tribute to THALAIVA (the lungi dance). And then, I sensed that it will surely break all box office records and will cross the 200cr mark eventually. Thank you Rohit for directing so wonderfully and giving us the perfect Eid Gift.

  7. Itz gr8 dat itz collect 156cr in 1st weekGiven dis weeknd plus rakshabandhan holiday on tues…. n few more days, d film should cross yjhd’s ccollection of 190cr and near 200cr mark!!

  8. salman bhai ne 1 interview diya tha or kaha tha k mene mental(radhe) ki date finlize nahi ki hai ……sayad iid par bhi aa sakti hai tab tak srk& akky ne idd par date fix nahi ki thi or zyda kya kahe ab frnzzzzzzzz…………………………

  9. SRK !!! He’s just awesome… Best movie of the year.. the chemistry between SRK and DEEPIKA is far better than d previous one.. I want to see this couple more and more.. ROCKET EXPRESS in the BO !!

  10. for those who are trying to say that ce become a big hit because of deepika and rohit shetty i want to tell them jthj total bo collection was 122 crores even it has big leading actress than deepika and even anushka was more famous than deepika at that time and it also has big banner and more famous director than rohit but why ce surpass jthj total collection it shows that it is not related to dips or rohit it becomes big hit only for this reason srking

  11. for who are trying to say that don,nt compare srk with sallu aamir and even ranbir a want to tell them i even not compare srk with these stars let,s talk about them
    1. ranbir: his movies cross 100 crores because of two reasons 1. no controversies do not have enimity with any star 2.his movies have good scripts but not all like yjhd. when his movies realase because no controversies and no enimity with any star every actor and actress fans went to the theatres and movie cross 100crores and even his movies didn,t do good buissnes the way srk movies do yjhd do good buissnes because of no compettition not his star power and it happens some times the movie do good buissnes the way it happens to ddlj mpk and hahk and even his movies are not sad movies like srk movies he even didn,t do experiment in his movies all of his movies are romantic movies instead of rajneeti and don,t talk about almost the whole movie comedy scens were copy and even this movie is also romantic srk and ranbir have also clash which is won by srk.
    2.aamir: 3 idiots do good buissnes because of good script acting and comedy scenes star power and big banner even if these movie was a sad movie than it can,t cross 120 crore mark and now talk who is big star srk or aamir both of them have to clashes one of them is won by srk and another is won by aamir instead of this srk have always made sad movies but aamir movies were not sad like srk movie both of them do experiments in their movies srk work in a suspense movie relase in 2011 and aamir work in suspense movie realase in 2012 what was the result srk won the competation srk proved that he is king of all geners movie crossed 100 cro club the only suspense movie which cross 100 crores club but aamir tallash can,t so it means that he is not king of all geners his can only make 100 crores when the movies are not sad i know ghajni was a sad movie but not like jthj or movies which donot have two much jokes like or don2 so who is big srk or aamir.
    3. sallu : i even didn,t consider him a superstar because in his 24 years long carear he even didn,t have any experimental movie instead of tere naam he don,t want to do a good movie and his fans are trying to say that sallu always make movies for audience ok so if he want to make movies for audience so movie should have something in script and acting but it have non of them he always make masala movies, masala movies are those kind of movies which have high number of fans not like suspense movies and how can salman fans compare srk movies with sallu movies sallu movies are always masala and srk movies are always sad and if salman made a sad movie like jthj than total collections will be less than 50 crores and even if sad movies jthj and mnik made by aamir than total collections will be less than100 crore and if it,s made by ranbir for jthj kind of movie total collections will be less 80 crores or if he makes mnik kind of movie than total collections will be less than 60 crores now not in 2010 0r 2009 if he makes at 2009 0r 2010 than total collections at this time =less than 50 crores sorry for so long comment.

  12. 1. RA.ONE highest domastic and overseas box office grosser in sciense fiction genere.
    2.DON2 highest domastic and overseas grosser in suspense genere.
    3.MNIK highest domastic and overseas grosser in this genere which is very sad gener it,s is my favourite movie.
    4.chakde india highest domastic and overseas grosser in sports genere.
    5.JTHJ highest domastic and overseas grosser in sad kind of romantic pure kind of romantic movie gener.
    6.chennai express will be highest domastic and overseas grosser in masala genere.
    and many more

  13. why why maithaiwala love this dialouge and don,t underistimate the power of a honest man comman man and srk and halwa wala


  15. jab srk apne movies me class our experiments dikhate the to …………….sab records ki batt karte the
    abhi jab records tutt gaye to sabb …records ko hi jhutt bolne lage
    koi bol raha he records srk ke ne banaya he koi bol raha he taran adarsh jhutt boll rahha he

    our kuch bol rahe he srk ka ye pehla movie hit hua he apne 21 sall me…………
    to sallu dabang banane se pehle kahan tha
    sare flops movies veer,yuvraj,me our mrs khana ,marie gold,janeman, our baki sab bakwas
    abhi sallu lallu ke movies me action ke alawa our kuch nhi he
    srk ko sabse jyada …best actor ka award milla he

    our ek tha tiger ko 5 week free run mile our 3 idiots ko 9 week free run our YJHD ko 7 week free run
    lekin chennai express ko 1 bhi week free nhi mila……… release hone ke 5 din badd OUATIMA release hogaya
    phir bhi sare records tod diya …………….this is the power of srk

    salute to srk yarr …………no competetion wid him …………………….

  16. kya yaar srk srk karte ho ranvir bina festive season ke 185 cr kama liya without good story and srk aaj eid me release kar ke record tod raha hai dum hai to bina festive season ke koi film release kar ke dikhaye

    • yjhd has no compettation with any kind of big movies but ce have compettation with one of the biggest superstar in btown i mean akshy and i want to tell you that srk has also realase his don2 in non holidy despite of a susspense movie it collects more than 100 crores can any one do that in a non holidy with susspense movie aamir tried but can,t cross 100 crores

  17. it is not about controversies or enemity .it is of liking of movie and srk is a gud n nice actor but dnt tell abt any one .they get because of their gud acting and script mr.srking .ur srk is old nw.

  18. Kaun Kehta Hai Ranveer Ki Hit Ho Gayi Woh Movie Tho Bakwaas Hai
    Aur Hamesha Sab actor log Ko kisina kisika sahaara milta hi jaise 3 idiots k Nazdeek Koi Filmein release nhi huvi aur yeh haal ek tha tiger k saath bhi raha aur usi ki dicto copy yjhd k baad koi bhi film release nhi huvi ab public kare bhi tho kya kare time paas k liye filmein dhekne jaati hai aur srk tho pichle 21 saal se akele ladte aa raha hai kabhi na kabhi kisina kisi actor sahara milte hi aa raha hai jaise k son of sardar ne sallu ka sahara liya lekin srk ne phir release ki aur uska natiza apko pata hai
    yeh sab khubiya sirf king mein hi hoti hai aur kisi mein nhi isliye aaj srk b’town ka badshah hai
    chennai rocks
    ilove u so much srk

  19. ce ki collection sab record tok kar 300 cr ki aur badh jayengi.Jo achcha hai vohi chalta hai.yeh public hai mera dost sab janti hai.kisko chalna hai aur ko nahi chalna..picture kuch dam hai tabhi to ye record ban rahe hai.ce jesi moovi 5-10 saal me 1 bar aati hai.

  20. srk realase don2 in non holiday not in holiday even with less promotions even it,s a susspense movie but it collect 108 crores aamir realase tallash in non holiday with less promotions but why aamir can,t beat srk,s don2 box office recoprd for susspense movie it shows how is the real king

  21. Chennai Express is a clean fun filled rolercoaster entertainment ride…something worth watching with the entire family or friends

  22. wow………….agar picture hoga toh aisa hona chahiye?… ek baat to sach hi srk ka har ek film family entertainment film hi hoti hai………… chennai express to our kuch jyada entertainment hi friends ya family member ke sath film dekhna bahut maja aayega…………… kahate hai ese yar…………. ek bar dekha to kya hoga dubar dekh lijiye kyu ki ase movies 100 bar dekha to bi boring nahi hoga…………….plz don’t miss yar watch the movie again……..because this is our boss king khan film……………….


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