The Shah Rukh Khan-Deepika Padukone starrer, which commenced its second week run at the Domestic Box Office, made an average business yesterday i.e. 2nd Friday. Due to the new release Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara, Chennai Express witnessed a drop in occupancy in India.

The final collections of the Chennai Express are still being compiled, however as per early estimates, the movie made a business of approx 10.50 crores (gross) i.e.7 crores nett at the Box Office.

Shah Rukh Khan In Chennai Express Movie Stills
Shah Rukh Khan In Chennai Express Movie Stills

Despite reduced number of shows, Chennai Express still managed to hold well. With approx 40-45% occupancy in the morning shows, it picked up quite decently in the evening and late night shows. The movie is expected to pick up in the weekends!

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  1. OUATIMD, u are ruined. U r not only ruining yourself, u are also hindering Chennai Express from breaking 3 idiots record. So atleast serve some useful purpose and return your screens to CE so that more records may be broken.

  2. Reduced screen size makes no difference. U need big screen size only for good opening. 3 idiots did 202 crores with only 1300 screens. No reason why CE can’t do well now.

  3. 10 is strong number..though the oficial number may come 8.5 cr which is not bad and is a good indication for a healthy second weekend!

  4. power of a family movie made by king of masses,,king of romance and queen of acting in recent time…a family entertainer is always the first choice than the sadak6ap gangster story of a joker…

  5. dont b surprised if crosses 200 croore in 2nd week and its 2nd week earning will be more than ouatimd. i saw ouatimd aksay sucks as don really the movie needed like emmi. alot of mis cast.

  6. it is not possible with 1600 screen c e got 10.5cro the accupancy was only 30percent dont make fool indian people they r very educated command indian wake up u r still sleeping

    • actually CE had collected 19.6 crore with only 2500 screen. so it is possible that CE can easly collect 10 crore because on thursday also morning shows were 40% only. the film had picked up from the evening show. for the same reason friday collection is 10 crore+.

  7. w****.. so koimoi saying that CE occupancy is around 80% throughout the day..otherwise with 1500 screens how , a movie can collect 10.5 crore????

    • why this type of comments ????????????? bez of SRK power when koimoi giving some data than surely have proof before people like u never ask about another star collection accept the truth and still watch CE will brok 3 Idoits record within 15days

  8. dont underestimate the power of king khan …..10.5 crore is just amazing humongous collection now i am sure 3 idiots record will also be shattered and ouatimd will not be able to do a business of even 90 cr

    • No doubt king khan power came so late…almost 4 years.. so comparing it with 3 idiot doesnt worth it.. 3 idiots released with 1300 screens while CE 3700..
      So comparing it with aamir’s 3 idiots is shamefull for SRK. Also this CE is nt uto SRK level..while 3 idiots was a class movie..

  9. dude its confirmed by this weekend total will be around 190 and 3 idiots record is broken 4 sure. Afterall SRK is d king of d world….haha

  10. bro 40 – 45 percent occupancy the morning shows main nd then evening r night shows main increase ho gae occupancy ab samjh aye idiots kay kaise itna bussiniess kiya CE nay

  11. True boxoffice collections are shown in boxofficecapsule & koimoi as main trade Pundit Taran Adarsh & Komal Nahata check all records…..
    Boxofficeindia is not authentic website

  12. third class film, i dont know why people are wasting money on such film, and more than half of the film in tamil, should half subtitles

  13. 3 idiote 1300 screen pe hi aai thi phir bhi 202 crode kamai ki becose the movie was heart toching srk movie 4000 screen pe akar itani kamai kar nahi sakati becose movie are paisa barabad

  14. From 1300 screens if 3 idiots can collect 11 crs then why not CE cant collect 10.5 crs from 1700 screens with ticket price difference……??

  15. chennai will definitely cross 200 crore and become highest grosser of the indian film industry….. but having said that …. i don’t believe post …. this is fake … mr. nahta … check other websites …. guys … just think…. chennai collect 11 crore on monday with 2600 screen … and ce collects 10 crore with just 1600 screen … i mean wat is this total fake ….

  16. Rona band karo srk haters,,, Chennai express will surpass 3 idiots 202cr just in 2 weeks for sure…… ETT ko to already ghar bheja howa hai

  17. If movie like OUATIMD got 11 cr in day 1 with 90% occupancy…(they gt 1300 screen on day 1).. Then CE can easily get 10.5 cr with 80% occupancy in 1600 screens… CE will easily cross 200 cr till tuesday.. CE ROCKS…

  18. srk u rocks dear just a great mega star like u can do such a great thing and break all other movies record. ce is one of the cleanest movies of all time of bolywood. where other movies use so many dirty tricks as kissing sceen sex sceen dirty joks that their movies sell ce without these kind dirty thing rocking screens and it deserve. it is all srk power . 3 idiot as it name say was a idiot movie it just sold because kiss scen between amir and kareena and dirty diologe in movie. salaman all latest movie too was bakwas and cheap. it was just wasting time i went and saw and now im regret why i saw them. srk is truthtable star u can be sure the time u spending has value to see his movies and his acting. and one more thing for all blody haters wen 3 idiot and ekt came no other movie released same time they alone took screen and chance for busness but with srk movies always other movies releasing and with all this things still his movies rock screens and he always is first choise of people. this shows he is a true super star. u rock srk ur hater are just poor cheap losers in their real life

  19. I did not saw ce but i saw ouatimd. Purely boring movie. I saw ouatimd reason is only that the ticket fro ce not available in 4 screen of inox and in 1 screen of ouatimd i get ticket .

  20. srk loves u. ce rocks. the movie is one of the cleanest movie i have ever seen. no kiss no sex no bad joke and without all these dirty tricks that other use that their movies sell ce rocking box office. u are only superstar that has maximum block buster. amir and salman are king of flop movies. amir mangal pandi. lagan delhi bely tare zamin par all flop and super flop and salman veer janeman salame ishg tere nam savan mr and mrs khana dil ne jese apna kaha all flop and super flop. amir and salman flop movie list is long if interested i ll post. but srk blockbuster list is long. his movies always easily rock box office only his name is eanough and anyone dont forget already one time he has beaten salman and akshy in box office badly dont forget don came and no one went to see jane man. here was just srk and there salman and akshy but anyone prefered srk movie now say me who is real super star. haters just shut up ok. amir last hit was just 3 idiot that was becaus kiss scen with karena and bad joke and movie came without any other movie be reales for long time. ce rocking even with competition of outimd. srk rocks screens

    • Hey..soniya..i 2 1of d biggest fan of srk..n ofcrse c.e roxx..n srk is the king of bolywd n wil alwys til his era..n aftr…bt dis dosn’t mean othr starer blck bustr movie like 3idiot n smothr wil loose his gr8 impact frm fans’ mind…n hw can u tell dat this movie jst rockd due to kiss…,hw cheap thinking…,leaving more important of dat it shws the real stdnt life,clge life…n awakens the din of the clgs n other institution……n 1othr thng 4 u kiss n such othr scene r the demand accordng to the film..n many times it got a gd respnse…lets c jthj,don,don2..n many…n 1 more thng if u r a real srkians den jst wish n wait of his othr blckbustr! instead of making fun of othr starer hits….havn’t u heard ‘haters makes sm1 famous’…so watch n wish 4 srk…gd bye $r/<ians…

  21. full family entertaining movie….jise aap pure pariwaar k sath dekh skte ho hans skte ho maze le sakte ho…..aur aisa sirf aur sirf srk kar skta hai…kyoki use indian family value pata hai ce rockkkkiiiiiin

  22. srk ke age sab fail hai ce 200 crore cross karegi shahrukh bhai aap sall me kam se kam 2 movie jaroor banaye aap aditya chopra ki movie ka shooting aap happy new year movie ke saath kar sakte hai pahle aapki saalme 3 movie ati thi happy new year ki shooting jald khatam karke aditya chopra ki movie ki shooting suru karde please kuki ye dilmange more


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