It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say Bollywood is coming up with superhero films almost like a norm. While Hollywood icons like Superman, Spiderman, Batman et al. have enthralled us for decades, indigenous efforts in the last few years have been commendable too. With Krrish 3 causing ripples across India with its flattering performance, undoubtedly Diwali got a little better with the film for most viewers!


Recognized as the desi superhero, Krrish’s emotional touch along with the heavy spend on its special effect usage is what made this Hrithik Roshan starrer eye catching. Sci-fi is a lesser delved theme for filmmaking in India and the Krrish franchise did not only dare to venture into the improbable zone but also carved for us an unforgettable superhero!

Though Krrish 3 has been a major attempt, it isn’t the sole attempt. While the film’s prequel was a strong example of good superhero film, Shah Rukh Khan’s 2011 flick Ra.One was another memorabilia amongst Indian audiences from the same genre.

Critical appreciation and Indian superhero films haven’t really gone hand in hand so far. Both Krrish 3 and Ra.One were panned as uninteresting hotch-potch stories which could not win accolades of the intelligentsia but was a hit with the masses.‬

Hrithik Roshan in a Krrish 3 Movie Poster
Hrithik Roshan in a Krrish 3 Movie Poster

Like Krrish 3, even Ra.One could easily count amongst one of India’s most ambitious and lavish superhero attempts. Received with an underwhelming response from critics, the audiences too weren’t exactly mesmerized by Shah Rukh Khan’s valiant attempt to investing so heavily in a dubious project like this. One of the prime reasons for its failure was the lack of a definite plotline and heart wrenching story at its disposal.

Come 2013 Diwali and Krrish franchise came up with the much publicized and highly awaited Krrish 3 featuring Hrithik Roshan the fascinating superhero. The movie on release got mixed reviews from critics but still gauging from its performance so far, the film won’t land on the negative side as badly as Ra.One did.

Both Krrish 3 and Ra.One have been blockbuster Diwali releases. Ra.One that released in October 2011, a Wednesday, another crucial reason for the film to suffer was the lesser footfalls in theatres due to Puja and festivities. Krrish3 released a day before Diwali on Friday, followed by Diwali puja on Saturday and Laxmi puja on Sunday. The word of mouth for Krrish 3 is mixed so far. It is more on the positive side especially for it was made with the intent of impressing kids.

In 2011 Ra.One was released in 3100 screens in India and Krrish 3 in 2013 is released in 4000 screens in India. Ra.One collected Rs 18 crores on its opening day (Rs 15.5 crores from Hindi and Rs 2.5 crores from regional releases) in 2011. Krrish 3 has collected around Rs 24.5 crores (Rs 22.25 crores from Hindi and rest from regional release) in India in 2013.

Ra.One managed a mammoth Rs 25 crores Day 2 at the domestic Box Office and Krrish3 is predicted by Koimoi to land at approx Rs 20+ crores Day 2 due to Diwali period. Superhero Sci-Fi Ra.One had a 91.10 crores 5 day collection after which it nose dived completely, losing the fizz and earned Rs 27 crores in its balance run before succumb to the lifetime run of Rs 118 crores at India box office collections. The 2013 Sci-fi super hit franchise release Krrish3 is expected to manage better figures given wider release and higher ticket price.

Krrish3 has not performed bombastically like Chennai Express  so far, hence SRK’s record of fastest Rs 100 crores entrant seems to be safe till now. However, Krrish 3‘s popularity with the kids, being a singular Diwali release and mostly a superhero flick might all snowball into providing the film ample thrust to reach the 100 crore mark before the completion of its one week run at the box office. What remains undeniably true is that desi superhero masala films have proved to be the best Diwali crackers!

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