The buzz from trade insiders are suggesting that Besharam isn’t as sparkling at the box office as expected. Though the film’s trailers and promos had the promising look given Abhinav Kashyap’s legacy of Dabangg, one could safely say the man had the ability to evoke a character with so much charisma.

However, after the release of the film the apparent lukewarm reception isn’t a fallacy. Most critics have panned this film stating they are heavily disappointed with Ranbir Kapoor’s latest flick since the actor is known to flaunt his perfect acting timing in each of his previous ventures! However, the shamelessly Besharam avatar has incurred negative response from most who have caught the film at the theaters this week!

It is quite an irony that the film simply named Besharam doesn’t evoke a good response from audiences but something like Grand Masti that surpasses the the mere shameless tag works at the box office. Personally, I did not like Besharam either. It was a lazily scribbled film that failed to work much on the novel idea it could have been based on. The black market of car stealing remains completely unused through the film and the chemistry of its lead actors was plain flat. Perhaps the only characters who work are those of Neetu Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor who deliver well with their humorous camaraderie!

Vivek Oberoi Aftab Shivdasani in Grand Masti Movie Stills And Ranbir Kapoor in Besharam Movie Stills
Vivek Oberoi Aftab Shivdasani in Grand Masti Movie Stills And Ranbir Kapoor in Besharam Movie Stills

Early estimates are comparing the erratic performance of Besharam with Himmatwala that was a dud of sorts at the box office. While in the opening weekend, the film managed a meager sum of 34 crores at the box office, Besharam too will remain in the same range!

Whereas Grand Masti with its incorrigible humor and sickening jokes managed to give everyone a gala time at the cinemas! Being a witness to both men and women laughing out loud at the jokes which were crude, the film is running for nearly 4 weeks now and is expected to cross over into the 100 crore arena today.

I am not here to provide defense to Besharam. Sadly both Kashyap and Kapoor haven’t dished out their best but when a film that can be rejected for lack of entertaining elements, it is ironical a film that epitomizes and personifies the former’s name Besharam remains so well received.

Perhaps it is crucial to know the pulse of the audiences right and give them exactly what they need. The makers of Grand Masti gave the audiences all the unexpected and outrageous adult humor they could expect and catered well to the needs of a sexually repressed nation, in general. In a society where discussing sex is still a taboo – Grand Masti was just Besharam enough to lay all the obscene bedroom jokes out in a film that people could have a laugh over! Is it justified? Who knows…People are just enjoying being Besharam more than watching Besharam!

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