Riteish Deshmukh, Aftab Shivdasani And Vivek Oberoi in Grand Masti Movie Review (Riteish Deshmukh, Aftab Shivdasani And Vivek Oberoi in Grand Masti Movie Poster)
Grand Masti Movie Poster

Rating: 0.5/5 stars (Half Star)

Star cast: Vivek Oberoi, Riteish Deshmukh, Aftab Shivdasani, Kainaat Arora, Bruna Abdalah, Maryam Zakaria, Manjari Fadnis, Sonalee Kulkarni, Karishma Tanna

Director: Indra Kumar

What’s Good: Nothing

What’s Bad: Everything

Loo break: Don’t watch the film at all rather.

Watch or Not?: Grand Masti is obnoxious and detestable so much so that it can pass for a mild porn film. Replete with sexual innuendos, without a hint of story, this film establishes male chauvinistic notions that men are horny beasts and women are nothing more than available creatures to provide pleasure. It’s so unbearable and disturbing to watch such films that demean women so brutally! Belonging to the genre of adult comedy, this film is a vent for the sexually frustrated.

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Three young men have had a ball of their life in college. Amar, Prem and Meet in their last days at college meet their new principal Robert Pereira who hangs young men to a Conjuring-like tree and strip them naked to punish them, if they are caught eyeing any woman!

Six years later, Meet is married to his boss but his sex life is dull because of work pressure. Prem’s wife is busy taking care of his family and the duo have no time to make love. And Amar and his wife have a child who keep their sex life dry.

When the three leashed men are left astray to attend their college reunion – the trio hook up with their former Principal’s daughter, wife and sister. The problem begins when Robert sniffs the wilderness and desperately try to hunt them down.

It’s expected to be a crackling feat where the three friends find themselves in a grander problem than their Masti days!

Bruna Abdalah, Riteish Deshmukh, Kainaat Arora, Vivek Oberoi, Maryam Zakaria And Aftab Shivdasani Movie Review (Bruna Abdalah, Riteish Deshmukh, Kainaat Arora, Vivek Oberoi, Maryam Zakaria And Aftab Shivdasani Movie Stills)
Bruna Abdalah, Riteish Deshmukh, Kainaat Arora, Vivek Oberoi, Maryam Zakaria And Aftab Shivdasani Movie Stills

Grand Masti Review: Script Analysis

The film begins with newer contours of what A,B,C,D stands for, as deliciously ravishing women walked off flaunting their butts and bosoms for visual education of the audiences. I kept looking for a story but alas, there was none. The older Masti film was lame but had an inkling of fun in it. Grand Masti is plain cheap that will grotesque you out.

Men ogling so unabashedly at women and thrusting their pelvis at the cameras is more shocking than I had expected. Men are unhappy with their marriages because their wives are either successful, or a variation of Ekta Kapoor’s Tulsi or a perfect mother. The way the male spouses meander, the improbable gags, the obscene song sequences, the overall vulgarity is infuriating.

‘Laura Rose Marlow Mary’ are the names of women in this movie and the male characters consider this as an audacious invitation! The male character is named Hardik but emphatically pronounced Hard-dick.

There are several such instances when the film’s jokes can be dissected only to find something lewd. The script spares nothing from male genitalia to female body parts with its sickening portrayal.

The flat jokes, sleazy dialogues and flimsy screenplay ensures you have a horrendous time!

Grand Masti Review: Star Performances

Vivek Oberoi, Aftab Shivdasani and Ritesh Deshmukh are so horrendously disgusting that I don’t have a single word of kindness for these men!

The women must be suffering from dire joblessness to indulge in this film that portrays women so poorly!

Grand Masti Review: Direction, Editing and Music

Director Indra Kumar has made innumerable romantic flicks before realizing that making trash is his forte. In this film he has beaten his former records of stooping low in terms of content or conception or even execution! The jokes are not funny unless you are a 16 year old and despite all the desperately laborious efforts I wasn’t remotely amused in even a single scene of the film. The editing was fine as the film doesn’t torture you for too long and the music has no praiseworthy flair to it.

Grand Masti Review: The Last Word

Grand Masti is a grand tapestry of trash! If you are going to watch the film, it is automatically assumed that you are brainless to invest your time in such a painful film. I would rather route you to watch blue films which might have a better storyline and more action than you expect here. Since films are a work of effort, I am not giving this a zero! Here’s 0.5/5 for Grand Masti. Both John Day and Grand Masti will beat Horror Story at horrifying you!

Grand Masti Trailer

Grand Masti releases on 13th September, 2013.

Share with us your experience of watching Grand Masti.

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  1. Looks like Koi Moi review team is full of bore guys…who loves to watch boring films like Inception, etc. Please review it according to the tastes of today’s audience.

  2. the movie will work bcoz the critic himself has written tht movie is abt sexually frustrated men…and india is full of them!! who needs story these days ppl want fun and tht too cheap one..so it will work wonders at box office!! 10 crs plus opening very easy..

  3. its a copy of american did not expect much from the movie. i dont mind sex jokes but prob is this movie is senseless with not much plot. masti was better thou. y did the director not include ajay devgan….. not worth thou rotten jokes i would say

  4. How come mohar basu became a film critics..he doesnt have any idea to judge a movie..how koimoi can give such person reviews its sam on d page.. really critics r bad..specially dis guy

  5. Koimoi k critics ko bollywood ki movies chhorkar bhojpuri movies review krni chaahiye…..Koimoi k criticsBhojpuri movies k hi laayak hai….tumlogo ko critics kisne bna dia…..GRAND MAST ID JUST AWESOME…♡♡♡♡♡♡

  6. i am die hard fan of hollywood and i was forced to watch this movie by my friend but men it was way better than american sexual comedies. plz do watch it
    this critic is same person who gave bullshit yeh jwani hai deewani 3.5 stars

  7. Sex comedies like Kya kool hain hum was watchable. But movie like Kya super cool hain hum and grand masti are not tolerable. Even masti had some adult jokes but had some limits. This movie is gone beyon limits, so don’t spoil yur time or energy.

  8. dont go with koimoi koimoi gave aasiqui 2 2 out of 5 and he became a joker but aasiqui 2 was sucessful film and grand masti is even better go wid me i will give 3.5 out of 5

  9. Critics live of criticism that’s their job but what they need to understand is how to judge a film. When you know you are going to see a sex comedy what kind of content are you expecting? Mother India.. Rate the film for what its saying it is. Even an American Pie got 7 out of 10 on the biggest world rankings. So critics grow up and wiser up before you lose your credibility. Do i need to add its going to be a big hit and already the 4th biggest opener of the year.


    Definately MOVIE is Watchable,

    Everyone knows that Film Critics is work for Money only, if they not get financial benefit, they start writing against that Movie.

    All becomes CLEAR, if film critics also give their Source of Earning DETAILS.

  11. I completely agree with you Rounak, all films could not be made with her mindset, everybody has a different take for the definition of entertainment….she should be made art films critic….and to the koi moi team…i think i should stop watching your review if the writer is not changed…!

  12. I am glad we are getting such sensible reviews from the author. It shows that we still have sensibility and decently left. If Vulgarism sells in the name of Joke, then such harsh review awaits its fate! I am glad that the movie is given 0. Yes, these kind of movie even doesn’t deserve a negative. Sexual jokes promoted by movie made it a fashion influencing society in Gutter Thinking. When roots gets polluted by such pattern of thoughts influenced by media or movie, rest assured Fruits borne will be equally perverted!


  14. This is 5th highest grossing film of this year. It crosses 40 crore on first week. It left many 3 stars movies behind.
    So you are not the judge really judge are audience.

  15. sir i don’t know how much you know about movie but you are not able to understand this type of movie so my request is please don’t give star to this type of movie because this is beyond your thinking you only do critic for prakash jha,anurag khashyap and ashutosh gowarikar.

  16. This movie is full of comedy and its a complete laughter train from start to beginning,movie is praised by masses not by a bunch of critics and i and my all friends have a roller coaster watching this movie…i am giving 4.5/5 stars

  17. It’s a wonderful movie, in theatre everyone is laughing & shaking their arms, heads, chair due to super content in this film, i first impressed by its trailer then i promised i must watch this


  19. The movie was very good. I will give it 4.5. The review is bullshit. Most film reviewers are stupid people. This movie is wild, raw, full of fun and entertaining.
    The humour in many cases is so great that only very intelligent people will understand it. The cat bites aftab in his *****. After some time, he has an orgasm. His wife shouts nahiiii. Few so called “reviewers” will understand it.


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