YRF’s Aurangzeb starring a polished ensemble cast of powerful actors was received with an average response in the international markets. In all crucial global circuits the film fared modestly in its first weekend.

In Australia circuit, the film earned 8.70 lacs, whereas in New Zealand the film earned 2.99 lacs. The high population of Indians in the region usually facilitates greater money for Bollywood films in the opening weekend.

Arjun Kapoor and Sasheh Aagha in Aurangzeb Movie Stills
Arjun Kapoor and Sasheh Aagha in Aurangzeb Movie Stills

In U.K, the film has so far humbly managed 23.29 lacs, whereas in U.S.A the film has managed 50.15 lacs so far. In the Gulf circuit, the highest money spinning center in UAE, where the film earned 1.90 crore by the end of its opening weekend.

Going by the storyline and popular actors, the film’s performance was expected to be better. However, Aurangzeb butchered its second half by complicating the climax unnecessarily which did not go down well with the audiences. The film’s opening weekend performance has been average in both domestic and overseas markets. Though the film might fare mildly better through the week, it wouldn’t leave a very sustainable and dynamic impression on the audiences.

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