Aurangzeb Moive Poster
Aurangzeb Moive Poster

Rating: 2.5/5 stars (Two And Half Stars)

Star cast: Rishi Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Arjun Kapoor, Sasheh Aagha, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Amrita Singh, Deepti Naval, Tanve Azmi, Swara Bhaskar, Sikandar Berry, Sumeet Vyas, Rasika Dugal, Kavi Shashtri

Director: Atul Sabharwal

What’s Good: A well scripted story and a few mind-blowing performances!

What’s Bad: The film’s tedious length and poor editing.

Loo Break: None.

Watch or Not?: Aurangzeb is a film that lacks vision and deliberately botches up a good script. The film for the entire first part managed to grip on the thrill factor well. By the climax, it converts into a convoluted and repulsive mess. Arjun Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor and Jackie Shroff thankfully manage to infuse in well framed performances making it a manageable watch.

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A slice from the world of Gurgaon’s real estate politics, the gamers are cops and criminals, matching steps with each other. In order to destroy Yashwardhan Singh, a mafia lord of the real estate business, DCP Ravikanth tweaks out strings of his past. Replacing his heir Ajay, with his long lost son, Vishal, the game continues to see who wins the edge.

Rishi Kapoor And Arjun Kapoor Aurangzeb Moive Stills Poster
Rishi Kapoor And Arjun Kapoor Aurangzeb Moive Stills Poster

Aurangzeb Review: Script Analysis

I was excited to find such a good script after a long time. The writer sure to have lived and breathed in the ambiance he recreates in the story, knows the details of the lives of the people he wishes to portray. It is the screenplay’s fault that he botches up climatic hilts making the storyline fumble at too many places throughout the film. Basing the pivotal assumptions on the concept of power, the story is constantly shifting from political to corporate, with crime prevailing through them both in essence.

The good part of the film is when you see such well etched out characters, mostly the male ones. The female characters seem too vulnerable; however this review is not my place to make a feminist remark on that!

The bad bits are when the story shows its lead characters shifting their loyalties so easily with providing ample sense for it. Be it Ajay’s loyalty for the man who abducted him or Vishal feeling the familial tug for his father he never knew, their love and loyalties are extremely promiscuous. Quite often in the film, I lost track of people and events and that surely didn’t help.

The story itself has tremendous complexities and the perplexing mode of storytelling did not help the residue!

Aurangzeb Review: Star Performances

Arjun Kapoor is a double treat in his double role. Going by the knotty character he plays, it is commendable that he manages to deliver without faltering. Showing commendable promise in acting may be he doesn’t give a memorabilia, but he is one actor to look out for in the tinsel town.

Rishi Kapoor plays his role shrewdly and managed to command power all through. In the role he had, it was easy to turn into rubble, but he praiseworthily manages well.

Jackie Shroff blows his fans over in his wonderful stint. From being at the zenith of power to a fallen hero, Shroff does it with great dignity.

Prithviraj needs to brush off his Southern twang, but besides that he is marvelous and powerful actor. Perhaps, south’s last gift to Bollywood!

Amrita Singh who is back on silver screen after a while manages to stay magnetic all through.

Debutant Sasheh Agha is all skin show and no prowess. She can’t emote and that’s her problem! Besides that beauty won’t take her far in Bollywood anymore!

Aurangzeb Review: Direction, Music, Screenplay

Atul Sabharwal evokes seething anger for not doing justice to the story he had. With a delicious premise like that, he barely manages to serve us anything beyond mediocrity. Trying to deal with too many subjects and points, he loses himself in the web of interpersonal relationships of his characters and the nail biting plot that he had. He has written excessive plots and sub plots, which gets tedious and arduous by the end.

The screenplay wavers and kills the well set aura of the story. The music isn’t memorable either, but manages decently through the film. It is sad to see young scriptwriters forgetting the plain art of simply story telling. Being complex seems like the new cool thing but when it comes to cinema nothing can be more pristine than simplicity.

The film’s editing batters whatever good the screenplay leaves back for the audiences. Stretching almost into two and a half hour time slot, the film in the end is unbearably long and heavy on its viewers.

Aurangzeb Review: The Last Word

Aurangzeb could have been so much better, perhaps even a classic. It is Atul Sabharwal’s faulty treatment that leaves it shaky. There is immense passion and thrill in the story, which its actors remit strongly. I am going with an average 2.5/5 for the film. The thrill ends up flaccid killing all that could have been sensational! Optimistically, I expect something more stirring and less misplaced from the team sometime soon!

Aurangzeb Trailer

Aurangzeb released on 17th May, 2013.

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  1. arre kabhi toh unbiased reviewing kardo…jab star packed movie aayegi tab baada star performance aacha rahega par new comer tab nahi…


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