Box office never ceases to surprise. While one thought that Super Nani would find at least respectable collections, it couldn’t rise at all. On the other hand Roar – Tigers of the Sundarbans was expected to follow behind the Rekha starrer. However, it ended up with more than tripling the collections of Super Nani. In a weekend when Happy New Year was expected to simply crush any new opposition whatsoever, tigers of Roar managed to make some noise after all.

'Super Nani' and 'Roar' Movie Posters
‘Super Nani’ and ‘Roar’ Movie Posters

Let’s talk about Super Nani first. It was always going to be a tough journey for the film as it was set in the social genre which was popular in the 70s and the early 80s. Hence, its main chance was to grow on the basis of word of mouth. However, none of that really worked for the film which had a weekend of less than 1.5 crore.

On the other hand Roar, which again hadn’t been much hyped (despite an exciting promo) managed to find some sort of audience at least, especially in the single screens at interiors, as a result of which the weekend collections were in the upwards of 5 crore*. Now this is a decent sum for a film which came with zero star value, item number or any notable name whatsoever. This isn’t all as even its genre (adventure) is not what makes for popular Hindi cinema. Still, audience gave it a chance and now if the weekdays hold on reasonably well, the film may just sail through with lifetime collections of over 10 crore.

In a year where one can’t remember any other film with zero face value to have netted over 10 crore, this would be some feat indeed.

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