Zakir Khan’s Kaksha Gyarvi Review (Amazon Prime): After his stint at AIB Diwas and Haq Se Single, he’s back with another standup comedy act which is not run-of-the-mill by any possible means. I’ve seen almost every last minute of online footage available of his acts & Kaksha Gyarvi proves no other stand-up comedian in India can create the desired tension as him on stage.


Explaining the ‘changed’ syllabus of manhood with a life-like faceoff between ‘survival instinct’ and ‘male ego’, Zakir takes you back to your childhood and making you nostalgic doesn’t top his priority list. Amongst many instances which make you rethink about what you’re doing in life “Jhoote hai woh log jo kehte hai aadmi ro nahi sakte, puchne wala chahiye re…” is one such example.

Zakir Khan's Kaksha Gyarvi Review (Amazon Prime): Not Just Another Standup Comedy Act!
Zakir Khan’s Kaksha Gyarvi Review (Amazon Prime): Not Just Another Standup Comedy Act!

The basic motto of this act is to take you back to your school life but as in Kaksha Gyarvi, Zakir Khan’s every act, it creates an emotional connect from the word go. From exploiting the concept of false manhood to his bond with parents; Kaksha Gyarvi and Zakir Khan are a lot more than what they project to be. It’s just beautiful how he incorporates little things, like ‘being the hero of your own story’ or his ‘secular’ relationship with his mother, without being preachy.


Also his subtle cockiness just shines brightly in this one when he says, “Sabko pata chalne do hum kahan pahuch gaye hai.” His understanding of a middle-class family setup makes one connect with him instantly. There are jests in which he brings out his ‘Sakht Launda’ claiming how there’s a Zakir in every Natasha’s life. But the whole purpose of Kaksha Gyarvi is to introduce us to the Zakir when he wasn’t so ‘Sakht’ at all.

With all fairness, humour quotient is lower than Haq Se Single but this one beams through its realistic punches. Also, the connection factor will be very high with this one as compared to his previous acts. It surely will possess a towering repeat value as the time passes. Highly recommended!

Kaksha Gyarvi Review: Star Rating: 4/5





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