2.0 advance booking has finally started in select cinemas countrywide. There are still many theatres yet to open the booking but major centres apart from the south like Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad have started the booking for some properties. With Akshay Kumar’s star-power in North and Rajinikanth’s god-like image in South, the makers are aiming to rule the country on 29th of November.

2.0 Advance Booking Latest Update!
2.0 Advance Booking LATEST Update: Mumbai, Delhi, Pune Are Now Open, But Are They Up To The Mark?



Mumbai has finally started and in its nasc2.0 Advance Booking LATEST Update: Mumbai, Delhi, Pune Are Now Open, But Are They Up To The Mark?ent stage, the movie is doing just about well for itself. Many major multiplexes are yet to open the bookings, as we write, but going by whatever is on – we surely in are for a huge day 1. It still is in the process; tomorrow might give a clear picture of where are we standing in Mumbai.



Delhi is similar to Mumbai and both of them opened at a similar time-frame. But what goes in the favour of Mumbai is, it has more shows in the filling fast zone and hence the oranges (filling fast) will show up first there. Delhi is still in the more green zone and it’s justified given the hours since the booking has started.


Pune is known as the ‘spot’ of spot-bookings and hence it’s very ordinary, right now, compared to Mumbai and Pune. It’s set to boost on the day of the release but before it whatever comes is an added bonus for the film.


It’s ALMOST FULL for Tamil 3D whereas the 2D is catching up fast here. Many oranges are visible compared to the greens. Very limited shows opened for Telugu 3D but all of them are either full or filling fast. It’s a no green zone for Telugu 3D in Chennai. As far as Telugu 2D version is concerned, it’s good compared to what it was yesterday.


Tamil version in Chennai is a clean sweep. It doesn’t seem one will get a ticket if they waited to book it till tomorrow. Telugu and Hindi versions are not fully opened yet, so it’s too early to judge them as of now.




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