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Komal Nahta

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Will Ekta Kapoor’s THE DIRTY PICTURE take a decent opening?
Komal Nahta: Do you have any doubt about the initial? Of course, it will take a very good start!

Did Shah Rukh Khan make a mistake by releasing RA.ONE on Diwali day? Should he have brought it a day later – on (the Hindu) New Year’s day?
Komal Nahta: It was no mistake. Rs. 18 crore collection on Diwali day is no small achievement!

Why do people, who have claims or complaints against film producers, file court cases against them only at the time of release of their films?
Komal Nahta: Because that’s the time they can hurt the producers the most, financially and emotionally. That’s also the time they can get publicity out of the court case. And money, too, maybe!

Komal Nahta, the Editor of Koimoi.com, is Bollywood’s most trusted trade analyst & film reviewer. You can follow him on Twitter and check out his Video Blog.

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