On Shah Rukh Khan’s 46th birthday, Koimoi.com Editor Komal Nahta talks about five unique things that make SRK:

Yaaron Ka Yaar

Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol

Shah Rukh Khan is yaaron ka yaar (friend of friends). For instance, of his many friendships in the industry, you haven’t heard of splits. He’s been a friend of Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar since he has been in the industry, and that friendship remains even today.

He’s been fond of Kajol irrespective of whether he and Ajay Devgan get along or not. He continues to hold Kajol in the same high esteem that he used to hold her before she married Ajay.


He knows he is a superstar and he doesn’t mind flaunting this tag. While his new office got inaugurated some time before the release of Ra.One, the nameplate on the door of his old office read ‘Superstar’ and not Shah Rukh Khan. There are very few people who are called superstar but SRK knows he’s a superstar and doesn’t mind being called one.

Sense Of Humour

Shah Rukh has a terrific sense of humour but he doesn’t limit it to just cracking jokes on others. Invariably, and more often than not, he loves to poke fun of himself also. At a public platform, if he takes a dig at one or two industry people, in the same breath, he takes a dig at himself too. He’s very open of making fun of himself; that’s a very typical Shah Rukh Khan quality. Because of this quality of his, a lot of what he says should be taken in that spirit (as a joke). One need not feel sad or agitated because of his jibes.

Not A Man Of Numbers

SRK keeps saying that he’s not a man of numbers; it is a fact. While he likes to be informed whether his film is a success or failure, he doesn’t get into absolute numbers. He probably does not understand numbers as well as he understands acting. Other stars understand numbers better than he does. Though he’s not exactly unaware of the numbers, he’s just not very conversant with the nitty-gritty.

One Woman Man

Shah Rukh Khan With His Family
Shah Rukh Khan With His Family

If one hasn’t heard of Shah Rukh Khan’s affairs with his co-stars, it’s because he respects his wife and family far too much. He had told me of an instance where a heroine was throwing herself at him and he very politely told her that he can’t do it. It was because he has a loving wife and children at home and he would never cheat on his wife.

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