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Will Don 2 take a better initial than Ra.One?
Komal Nahta: Ra.One had opened on the day of Diwali when the opening of a film usually gets adversely affected. So, one can safely presume that the initial of Don 2 will be better. Besides, the first two trailers of Shah Rukh Khan’s Don 2 have been immensely liked by the public.

Don 2 & Ra.One
Don 2 & Ra.One

Will Vidya Balan’s market price go up after the stupendous success of The Dirty Picture?
Komal Nahta: Definitely, after The Dirty Picture, Vidya Balan can now quote higher than she used to!

What’s the buzz on Abbas-Mustan’s Players?
Komal Nahta: Players is still to become ‘hot’. Maybe, its music, released last week (December 9) does the trick.

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  1. Can you give a full comparison of budget and business of Robot and RA-1?Which one is more profitable for its producers?

  2. we are not more expected from Don2 because promo is not very good for watch. so it will come just average business at the box office. No new promo than previous Don.

  3. Stupid srk should know that his days are over!!!!!
    Instead of making stupid movie like ra1, he should go for rehab for mental illness..
    SRK sirf logo se kaam nikaalna janta hai…. remember rajni episode… he went to south just to make his film a hit aur srk was telling that he wanted rajni sir’s blessing..ra1 ke waqt hi use blessing ki suzi…sala nautanki srk….

    • bhai..rajni sir never shoot the comeo in ra one..the shoot was done by his duplicate..source ma freind in red chllies studio

  4. Before the release of Ra.1 – Can Ra.1 beat 3 idiots ? After the release of Ra.1 – Ra.1 failed to beat Ready. Before the release of Don 2 – Can Don 2 beat Bodyguard or Dabangg ? After the release of Don 2 – Don 2 failed to beat Singham. Srk is only the king of chusa hua aam.

  5. So???…it was gr8 to see rajni sir in ra.1!!…how about dt?shankar and rajni sir both casted aishwarya to appeal the global audience…nd south indian people are not stupid dt they’d go to the hall by spndng 200 bucks of dr hard earning money jst to see rajni sir in a cameo in a srk film..they wnt 2 the hall to see the so called movie ‘ra.1’,nt nly rajni sir..so get over dt mscnception and find out sme other!!…

  6. i don’t understand why people start making so much fuss(negativity) before srk movieare they scared after watching trailor one can easily say it is going to be a super hit so keep ur mouth shut hatters

  7. Definitely don 2 will surpass the single day record of ra one and then lifetime collections cos the audience reaction to the trailers n songs r extremely positive…

  8. srk ki koi bhi film release hone se pahele uske fans bahot shor machate hain lekin jab film release hota hai sab phuss hain fr ex mnik , billu , raone . raone didnt even crossd ready baki sab toh dur ki baat hai

  9. for ur kind information Ra.one total collection is 120cr in india n in overseas 50cr totat-170cr and ready was Total 135cr DON 2 will break all records

    • Ji haan, Don2 ka box office collection pakadna mushkil he nahi naamumkin hoga’…….kyoki koi collection he nahi hoga. It will be a boring film as the trailors are not at all exciting. Same old story same theme same starcast, same SRK’s attitude……..allah bachaye meri jaan.ke…

  10. SRK’s days are gone. He should now realise that audiance taste has changed. He has done too many simple movies and earned money now he should either retire or take a break and concentrate on meaningful cinema rather than repeating what all he has been doing in past 20 years. One of the reasons why he is still stuck to the same level of cinema could be HIS STUPID FANS, who just chadao him unnecessarily and he keeps climbing high not realising that his blunders will throw him down one day, One mistake – OK, 2nd mistake – be careful, 3rd mistake – not done and mistakes after mistakes turns out to be a blunder and blunders from a star like SRK NOT ACCEPTABLE

  11. ..I saw the Mi 4 ,One action scene shot in Mumbai is superb ,whole movie is superb man Now don’t make mistake again , Don’t go to watch DON 2 Why to watch DON 2 , inferior quality over hyped ,(high marketing like Ra-one).
    fooling people , low quality special effects of DON 2(didn’t got lesson.
    from RA-one? ) better to? watch Mission Impossible 4 which is 1000.
    time better quality , action , Budget (850 crore plus ).which will be releasing a.
    week before or at same day.better watch on television as it will be aired on TV without any cuts as it is not Adult film like THE DIRTY PICTURE, DON 2 has Childish dialog, THE DIRTY PICTURE have some of the Best dialog s and is one of the best made movie , Hats off for Vidya Balan.


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