The Dirty Picture
Collections for The Dirty Picture took the industry by surprise.

For a woman-oriented story, The Dirty Picture did phenomenally well in its first week. Its opening day’s net collection of Rs. 9.5 crore (for all the three versions including Tamil dubbed and Telugu dubbed) took the industry by surprise. Collections picked up further by more than 10% on Saturday (Rs.10.78 crore) whereas Sunday saw a further jump (Rs. 12.38 crore). The drop on the week days was gradual but the film behaved very well on Tuesday on account of the Moharrum holiday and the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar death anniversary in Maharashtra. The Rs. 52.5 crore opening week made TDP the film with the ninth best initial ever. Even if one were to forget for a moment that the film is a woman-centric one, the opening week’s collection figure is enviable. Since the film, high on sex, sleaze and music, did very well in the single-screen cinemas too, the first week’s share can safely be estimated to be Rs. 28 to 29 crore! For a film which cost Rs. 28-30 crore to make, promote and release, the maiden week’s share is indeed bumper. Given the business it is expected to do this week and next and taking into account its revenues from the other sources, the film would easily qualify to be a hit!


I Am Singh failed to interest the public anywhere. It recorded dull collections even in East Punjab circuit in the first week. The film, made on a huge budget, would end up as a major loss-making enterprise.

Land Gold Women (English) and its dubbed Hindi version bombed miserably in the first week.

Desi Boyz dropped a great deal in its 2nd week. It netted less than 25% of what it netted in its first week. On 334 prints, it collected Rs. 4,67,25,938, yielding a per-print average of Rs. 1,39,898 only. In Overseas, its total gross in the second week was around Rs. 5 crore.

Rockstar collected Rs. 71,48,988 in 4th week on 112 prints.

Tintin – Karname Kamaal Ke (dubbed) collected Rs. 7,24,120 from 25 prints in 4th week. Its per-print average was Rs. 28,965.




  1. It is sad to hear TDP being called a Porn Movie. Though it has Silk Smita’s sexyness, no way it can be called a Porn. Vidya Balen and played her role well, though nothing compared to the original Silk Smita. Silk Smita’s mere presence made many movies hit on those days. Silk Smita is hit becoz of ” Men ” and the effect of a beautiful sexy women on men’s pyschology. This is science, biology and chemistry. And also from a women’s perspective, mos women fantasize to look like Silk Smita,that is why women also throng to see the movie. And I am sorry to say “Desi Boyz” could not have similar effect on attracting women , neither most men are fantasizing about them , so the sudden lack of interest in the movie from next week of release ! and regarding overseas market, TDPs collection will be much higher eventually.

  2. come on yaar…be positive ….If you say this is porn movie then What films like Kambakt Ishq(kareena bikini).When kareena or katrina wear bikini its fine but when film is done on ethic you people bark…When sharukh says Chamak Chalo you appreciate , Todays films are all porn so dont you watch it….after all Dirty Picture is not porn movie…dont give foul mouth ….Also what you are talikng of b & c centers …films run & earn because of these people…if these stop then hell with your Multiplex even they will not be able to make hit… Today’s Bollywood stars don’t speak only entertainment & with logic…not bulls*** like RA1 or any other …films like Bodyguard gets hit because of B& C center…Hold On….Never speak of India Audience ….they know what is correct & What is wrong….


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